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A small hairless creature similar to some form of mutated mole and rat. The fronts legs of the moline turn into molds of the earth along with large sharp claws that are intended mostly for digging. They have large ears that pin backwards yet strangely enough they lack any form of eye let alone a spot for them. On their back mounds of earth stick to their skin having been mutated into it along with stone, trailing down towards their tail which consists entirely of this earthen material. They’re three feet in length and a foot in height, averaging around sixty pounds for a healthy adult.


Rare. The moline are rarely ever seen with another of their kind unless it's a mother with her young or during mating season due to their solidarity nature.


The moline lives in the deep run and tends to not venture very far out of its reach at all.


Omnivores. The moline prefers to eat things of insectoid appearance or any form of meat but they are certainly capable of eating whatever sort of plant life is available in the deep run. Oftentimes the moline will squeeze their prey between their claws before eating them at the stomach in order to force their prey to throw up or to pierce through their abdomen.


Due to their solidarity nature they tend not to seek out human life, though will easily pick on creatures smaller than them in order to consume them for their next meal.


  • Blind
  • Capable of creating a gigantic echoing scream that can be used for both echolocation as well as to stun anyone for 1 emote within 5 meters of them and break concentration.
  • They can bend earth to their claws in any way they see fit in an almost magical manner, the only thing they cannot manipulate is metal.
    • They are capable of digging normally at 6 meters per turn whereas in a run they go 12 meters.
  • Their sensitive nose is capable of picking up on scents very quickly as well as use this odor to determine things about the scent such as where they are located, where they’re moving and what sort of creature it is.
  • The saliva of the moline serves as a form of toxin that is capable of causing temporary paralysis. This is primarily used when biting into their prey or getting the saliva into an open wound. Over the course of three turns the victim will start to freeze up and eventually become paralyzed for three turns before they can slowly start to move again. This effect disappears after they die.

Alchemical Properties

  • Using the nasal glands of the moline a skilled alchemist is able to recreate their extremely sensitive smell that serves similarly to the moline.

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