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The Mor Owl is a rather large species of owl, often found in large forests. The owl is often also called the owl of darkness because of its color and ability. When adult, both male and female reach a length of around 28 inches and a wingspan of around 60 inches. It is difficult to determine if the owl is a male or a female as both look exactly the same and are often just as big. The owls weigh around 4 to 5 pounds.

Mor Owls are a pitch black color and are known for the fact that they can’t be seen at night if someone were to for example make a cloak of the feathers of this owl, they will be almost invisible at night in the dark. The owl also has a beautiful purple eye color. Even other birds or animals have difficulties seeing this owl at night, this is why the owl is mostly active at night, it simply has more protection.

The young of these owls are born with white feathers however and can easily be picked off by predators, this is why only 1 or maybe 2 of the young this owl gets to survive in the wild. The owls often stay at their nests and cover the young with their wings to hide them. This owl can be seen easily at day but it is uncommon to see one flying around at day.

Something very special about this owl is that when someone looks directly into their eyes, they are known to see their worst fear. This can be prevented when wearing eye coverage of sorts and animals are known to only get distracted for a moment by the owls’ eyes. When this owl looks into the eyes of another owl of the same species, the effect does not occur oddly enough. The young of this owl do not have this ability, they develop it around the age of 2 years. The owl lives averagely around 20 years in the wild and can live longer in captivity.

The owls are often seen alone and they’re only together when they mate. However the young sometimes leave the nest when they’re already a year old.


These owls are mostly only seen in large and overgrown forests, sometimes also in caves. They do not reside in open places like the desert or plains. They also do not reside in the north because of the white surroundings clashing with its pitch black color. The Mor owl is considered rare.


The Mor Owl often sleep and nest in dark caves or in trees with very much coverage. Oddly enough, the Mor owl mates and has their young in the winter, the only known reason for this is the long lasting darkness. When the owls are in captivity they can sometimes also mate in other seasons. Because the owl mates in the winter, some often do not survive because there is not enough food around for them.


The Mor Owl is a carnivore and doesn’t eat insects as well. They often eat mice, chipmunks, squirrels and other small animals. Sometimes they can also eat slightly larger prey like rabbits or other birds. They are also known to hide their meat in different places to eat later, this leads to them not only hunting when they are hungry. They use their eye ability to distract the animals and then they rip them apart with their sharp talons.


Mor Owls are peaceful and will not flee when approached. When they feel threatened they will try to look at the person or animals to distract them and then attack them with their sharp talons. The owl can be trained, but it is quite difficult to do so, as their ability will discourage most people. When trained they can be used very well for hunting or as a messenger.


  • Nocturnal.
  • Almost impossible to spot at night.
  • When looking in their eyes, you see your worst fear.
  • Difficult to train, but possible.

Material Properties

  • Their pitch black feathers can be used as a article of clothing that is capable of hiding oneself in the darkness, even to predators who have extreme night vision with enough cover.

Alchemical Properties

  • When their eyes are collected they can be dried and crushed into a powder that is a major hallucinogen for nightmares, and people's worst fears if mixed into an alchemical.

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