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Over 9 feet in size, these large fungal creatures can hide in plain sight. They have a mushroom-top head that houses its brain and two glands that produce spores of three different effects: anger, happiness, or sadness; this is used to categorize the three different types of Mungo. The rest of their humanoid body is made of a hardened stem, replacing a typical bone structure. Its skin consists of different mosses, mushrooms, and other parasitic plants. Mungos are the protectors of its specific biome; they will pursue and kill animals that are found within their territory.

Mungos are known to terrify hunters that are caught poaching in their territory; they are also the reason travelers may not arrive at their destination. There are tales that these creatures will lure travelers off the road with a sweet aroma and allow them to indulge in their emotion's spike. During this time, they will attack, ushering the sounds of their selected emotion.

There is a hole on top of their brain that is connected to two spore glands; they can project it into the air and let it flutter down.


Mungos are territorial, but this does not stop them from forming groups of similar-emotion spores; they form parties of three to five, generally of the same emotion. This creature is considered rare due to its ability to blend in within its biome; they also simply chase predators capable of distracting them.


These creatures tend to feast on other herbivores, though in times of need will feast on all.


After feeding, Mungos will become docile towards other animals, but will act aggressively if seen attempting to feed on its territory.


  • Produces a mind to overpowering area aroma of one of three emotions: happiness, sadness or anger.
  • Large claw-like hands, capable of maiming prey.
  • Attacks all when hungry, or those that attempt to feed within its sight.
  • Groups of 3-5 of same emotion.
  • Capable of growing fungus and other parasitic plants on its body.

Alchemical Properties

  • Any plant found growing on its body can be used in creations.
  • Its spores are capable of alchemical uses based on its spore's emotion to form euphoric emotions, horrible berserking anger, or a terrible depressant.

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