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Welcome to Aethier- a fantasy medieval roleplaying server! If you are a new player reading this thread, we are excited to see you show the interest in joining and only want you to feel comfortable during your first days growing familiar to our forums, community, and of course the online server. There is a lot to discover on Aethier, possessing a wide variety of different lore pieces, all of which are in great depth. While everything may at first seem overwhelming, do not fret. Much of the first days are adapting, and many players are willing to answer any questions a new player may have.

Regarding roleplay, you may find there are many different styles each player has for themself. Aethier is not specific in attention to present or past tense writing. Separation between actions and dialogue is needed, of course, yet immersion and conformation to the historical timeline the server has been set in is likely the most important when roleplaying- that and well formulated writing! By taking in these brief guidelines, enjoyable roleplay is just up the road, making the server fun for both veteran and new players alike.

Becoming familiar with the lore and Aethier’s different systems is the next step. This thread helps with all the first steps a player must take in order to feel more settled in, including basic help for both forums and on-server scenarios. It narrows down our broad range of lore just to focus in on the larger details a newcomer must know of before joining. We hope you find these guidelines helpful, and that you will soon have fun on the Aethier server!

Knowing the Lore

Of course the first steps to becoming familiar with the Aethier server is to create a character! We have an extensive thread all about our races, each one being described separately with different and unique characteristics. While taking the time to read each one can give you a much broader perspective on which you would like to play the most, it can take a long time. If you are eager to hop onto the server and would rather gradually sift through the lore over time as you play, then look no further- linked below is each playable race, along with a basic overview of each one for an easier understanding of any new player.

The races in each class are listed in order from the most played, to the least played.

Click here if you would like to see the entire race forums. Click on a name if you would like to view the entire lore of that race.

Below we have brief overviews of the various races in the lore.



Humans exist as you know them, with a lifespan averaging 90 years and being one of the more prolific races to exist on Aethier. They are capable of doing most of what other races can do, benefitting from access to almost all abilities and being of average strength and size for playable races. The subraces of humans have some inborn racial abilities, but for the most part are a clean slate. Their potential for growth is limited only by your own efforts and creativity.

Human Subraces
Aestatian Avaltan Hanese Hestark Tocoatl Valois Yusati


Closely associated with the Fey, Elves on Aethier have several visually distinct subraces that can be identified at a glance. Living for 300 to 500 years, the cultures and racial traits for the long-eared folk are as varied as their appearances.

Elven Subraces
Dark Elves Forest Elves High Elves Snow Elves

Dwarves & Halflings


Dwarves are Dwarves. Throughout fantasy literature there are generally few distinguishing characteristics that differentiate one work's Dwarves from another and Aethier is no great exception. Stout, stocky, and strong, Dwarves live for up to 250 years and have inborn traits such as resistance to high temperatures and a natural air filter in their lungs. Notably, Dwarves do not have the ability to become magi due to lacking a Spark, but have other avenues for power open to them.


Cousins of the dwarves, blessed by the God of Travel, Halflings are large-footed artisans of short stature and adventurous spirit. Living for up to 170 years, they have a natural resistance to poison and can identify what poisons are made from by taste alone. They are unlikely to ever sit still for very long, as their wanderlust is simply a part of their biology.


With so many races in the world it should come as no surprise that there exist several different halfbreeds. Each is unique in terms of lifespan, racial traits, and how they are perceived within their respective cultures.

Existing Halfbreeds
Half Elves Half Mer Half Orcs


A Beastman is a general term used to define the races of Aethier whose characteristics closely relate to those of existing animals, such as avians, reptiles, mammals, and insects. They are some of the most colorful and unique of the races available to play. Each is worth looking into for their differing cultures and traits.

Beastmen Races
Aervans Danakov Draxgar Leonin Satyr Skrayln ViloTae

Orcs & Goblins


Naturally gifted in the art of war and with a powerful immune system that staves off most disease, Orcs have the potential to be stronger than any playable race. Incredibly tall and living for up to 135 years, Orcs are also known as the children of The Goddess of War.


The diminutive Goblins are short lived and ugly. Dexterous and with a fondness for tinkering, they tend to live in caves or with their Orcish cousins. Though they are known as the rejects of Sterk they are not without their own racial boons. Resistance to heat, better-than-average vision in the dark, and an immunity to poison are all within their repertoire.


Syrien, also known as the merfolk, are a race of ocean dwelling fish people that are capable of transforming their lower half from a mer-tail to a pair of bipedal legs. There are two main categories of Syrien, the classical Syrien and the Syva-Syrien. Syrien take inspiration from fish found in fresh, brackis, or saltwater and their characteristics will often reflect any number of existing real-life fish. Syva-Syrien are inspired by the fish of the deep, and can look as odd or as interesting as any of the innumerable fish below the ocean.


A general term used to define races that are closer to nature than most, Sylvan live in harmony with the natural world, often acting as its protectors and guardians. Their racial traits tend to reflect their affinity towards the earth.

Sylvan Races
Centaurs Dryads Sinnehliv


As written above, the many races have different languages which are often spoken by them. With Common being the main language, each race usually has their own specific dialect. The listed languages that are common are often not all known by one person, but are rather the more likely of what they could know, depending on origin, etc.

Click here to go to the Language forms.

Divinity - Gods

Though not all people may choose for their character to be affiliated in a religion, a lot of it has to do with which personality would fit with which deity. People may find this fleshes out their character more, or at least gets a foundation set for how they may act in the world around them. Divinity is very free to interpretation of both the player and character, depending on what they believe would suit best.

Click here to go to the Divine forums.

The Calendar

This basic system helps players understand how OOC time translates into IC time, and sets up an easy method to establish IC dates which can come in handy during roleplay. However, be aware that the transition between day and night does not always have to be roleplayed, due to day and night only being one hour each and a single roleplay scene can last much longer than that.

Click here to go to the Calendar.

(Some) Server Commands

Chat Channels

As said before, there are many languages which are able to be spoken by different races. Fortunately, all languages have been implemented into the chat system for players to be able to switch to. By viewing the language lore in order to see all of the options, simply type in the command:

/ch (insert name of language)

Common is slightly different, though is usually the main chat which is roleplayed on. You can switch to it by typing:

/ch rp

Chats which reach a shorter distance are:

/ch rpi - The ‘I’ stands for Indoors.

/ch w - The ‘W’ stands for Whisper.

When roleplaying in the shorter distance chats, players are able to indicate which language they would be speaking by writing the first initial(s) of the language’s name.

For example, Va: “Hello.”, which would stand for someone speaking in Valois.


What would be found after soon entering the Aethier server is the ability to have different titles which display to the left of a character’s name. You can set your title using the command:

/char title (title)

Waypoints & Ports

Waypoints are essential if you would like to explore the map of Aversia and to meet other online players to roleplay with. Waypoints warp you immediately to different towns or cities across the map. They are marked by a waypoint "platform" that has a floating crystal floating above it and can be accessed by using the command:


Ports are similar to waypoints except they can simply be accessed by walking through an area. A ship will have a sign denoting a port, with the name of the destination clearly printed. These can teleport you across the map- but using a port instead of a waypoint would take time in character and should be accounted for.

A very important thing to have up when travelling is the dynmap. This can be accessed at the top of the forums which can be found in the row to the left of your forum name. This can especially help to see where roleplaying hubs are located.

Click hereif you would like to take a look at the dynmap.

Forum Systems


When first starting out on the server, you may notice the currency of Arunes, which is both the OOC and IC currency everyone uses. The easiest way to get more arunes is by voting for the Aethier server. The voting tab can be accessed at the top bar of the forums to the left of your name. It is under the Contribute option.

Once the sites have been voted on, Voting Crate Keys will also appear in your inventory. These can be used on the voting crates which are located at spawn- voting crates supply players with IC items, which can prove to add flavor in roleplay or even be helpful to a character. Patron Keys can be obtained from a normal voting crate or can be bought via forums. Patron crates can give a player more rare items that can be used ICly.

Profession System:

The profession system serves as a very helpful starter point for players who do not yet know what sort of job their character will take part in. Not only can it give the sense of purpose when playing a character, but also be a source of income when items are made and sold- or be kept personally, of course. Businesses and other opportunities can sprout if enough work is put forth towards a profession or professions.

Click here to read about Professions.

Custom Item/Materials System:

The Custom and Material item systems tie into the Professions system. By creating items, it can build up a character’s experience at a profession as they age. Though usually every custom item must be made from something else already gathered. This refers to the Material gathering system, where a short roleplay is needed about how the character happened to obtain a resource which has been written in lore. Here it is important to delve into the geography lore of Aethier in order to know how and where to get certain materials. These collected materials are then able to be used for a Custom Item, where creation roleplay must be written in order to obtain the item in which you planned to make.

Click here to read about the Custom Items: Applications, Information, and Rules.

Click here to read about the Material Gathering System.

Current Roleplay Groups/Factions/Regions

Below are descriptions of most of the different regions and factions currently present on Aethier. Click on the spoilers to see a summary of each of the different regions! Everything is in alphabetical order based on the region name you will see on the Dynmap in order to make it easier for players to identify which groups are located where. All regions are player created and owned, so your character can feel free to seek out the different groups in roleplay if you are interested in joining an open group!

Helsind {The Merchant State of Helsind}

Region Name: Helsind

Faction: The Merchant State of Helsind

Description: Situated upon the coast of the western continent of Arkolos, a merchant state founded by a triumvirate with the goal of providing a safe haven for merchants to produce, store, and sell their wares from. The Triumvirate: Vasile Aridea, their sister Rhaviana Aridea and acquaintance Mircea, ensures that The Merchant State of Helsind serves as a beacon of Economic Prosperity and Trade for the west, as well as all of Aversia.

The Merchant Guild of Helsind is the economic center of the country, devoted to the act of free trade unchained by the burdens of personal feelings and grudges, as well as the furtherment of Helsind and the Guild while maintaining complete anonymity behind a mask.

Common Character Types:

Welcomes Races of all shapes and sizes, though a background in mercantilism or artisanry is a must when it comes to being a functioning member of Helsinian society. If one is capable of providing for the betterment of the nation and the welfare of its people, then they are welcome in Helsind.

Accepting New Players?: Yes.

Can new player characters leave the faction freely IC if they do not feel it is a good fit for their character?: Yes.

The Kingdom of Holmsgard {Holmsgard}

Region Name: Kingdom of Holmsgard

Faction: Holmsgard

Description: An industrious surface world that is settled near the savanna plains and mountains. The great city is around a large lake that leads to a great river down south, fueling the lands with water to grow valuable grain and crops. Under the surface of the Holy Kingdom lies a a massive underground complex which is home to the Dawi, the survivors of the Karaz Ankor dwarves that had allied with King Maddoc in an agreement to establish a holy nation under Domm's ideals. With the addition of dark elven communities scattered within the mixed city, massive machines and steel forges work continuously in the earth.

It's common to see golems of various sizes roam the streets and dockyards of Holmsgard, working freight loads and cleaning the streets of debris. However, some of them stand guard towards the entrances of military operated buildings such as the Dawi Fortress and Maddoc's castle Varraine, few have tried to take down a guarding golem, and no one has succeeded.

Common Character Types: Domm worshipers, any crafting profession, mages of the golem discipline, humans, dark elves, dwarves. Vallah, lycanthropes, and war-like beast races are looked down upon, but are currently still allowed access.

Accepting New Players?: Yes.

Can new player characters leave the faction freely IC if they do not feel it is a good fit for their character?: Yes, the realm is friendly to visitors and temporary workers.

Ilysari {Kingdom of Ilysari}

Region Name: Ilysari

Faction: Kingdom of Ilysari

Description: The Kingdom of Ilysari is a new and blossoming kingdom, settled currently by a sole capital city. They reside beneath the ground and tunnels thereof, setting stone houses supported by dark oak collected and transported into the cavern. It is a sanctuary for those who find themselves wanting to be away from the general debauchery of the world and instead flourish in a more sophisticated and noble city. The island, Duken, is almost paradise like with lush greenery and expansive beaches with a small, humble docks on its northern most beach, its port open to most if not all who wish to trade or stay awhile. It was made to be a safe haven, and despite its firm rule and laws, it most certainly is one. It accepts most if not all sorts of people, with the occasional exception, with little judgement and open arms.

Common Character Types: The common race seen in Ilysari is humans and dark elves, a small portion being Vallah. The Vallah, being so few in number, are generally nobility or royalty within the kingdom. Greenskins are mostly looked down upon, however, they are free to enter as any other, but have different rights and privileges in the kingdom if they were to break a law or cause disruption in the kingdom. It also has a good amount of fishers, soldiers, miners, and artisans. Smiths are also prevalent due to the flow of materials and precious stones.

Accepting New Players?: Absolutely.

Can new player characters leave the faction freely IC if they do not feel it is a good fit for their character?: Depends on IC circumstance, but it is most likely a yes.

Ora'vea {Order of Slakter}

Region Name: Ora'vea

Faction: Order of Slakter


A town made to house the Order of Slakter. The streets are filled with oddball guards of differing armors. The town itself is passive to all other nations, paying no mind to the politics of the world. It takes pride in being an independent party, but will be one to help a city in need. This mountainous town is home to the Mal'arn family, whom run it without need for titles. Artistic in the ways of the people, they value the importance of commerce and trade. A welcoming people, who's Order's only goal is simple. Hunt the monsters of the world, any that threaten the peace of the people. Common Character Types:

All Races Welcome All Magic Aurums Welcome Curses are treated case by case, depending on the risks and dangers Accepting New Players?: Yes

Can new player characters leave the faction freely IC if they do not feel it is a good fit for their character?: Yes

Yamashiro {The Zheng Shogunate}

Region Name: Yamashiro

Faction: The Zheng Shogunate

Description: The Shogunate, born of the unification of the ancient hanese exile clans of Aversia following the fourth cataclysm, is a cultural union of all eastern dynasties and culture unto a new world, expansive and mighty. Led by the Zheng and their mighty army, this militarist, religious and deeply spiritual culture settles and digs it's heels in the Southeast of the new Aversia, led from the tall citadel city of Yamashiro. The Shogunate by-and-large rejects the worship of the Gods and their Pantheon, as well as builds a new religion based on the veneration of the Old Spirit Gods (The Vaya, the elements and the Demons). In the Shogunate, many Clans, lineages and secret organisation vie to expand their influences and further the benefits of the Great Nation. As a player, one would have many paths to select from, and meaningful roleplay and progression down the line in whichever path they choose to pursue.

Our faction is suited for roleplayers interested in trying their hand at Sengoku-era Japanese roleplay, Korean roleplay, Chinese roleplay, as well as demonic, shamanistic and piratry-related roleplay. We intend to provide such possibilities, alongside simple casual east asian roleplay and chances for more mundane characters to flourish as well. We provide skins, character art and housing from our skilled artists and architects, character inspirations and an expanding, rich lore found in our forum section, alongside our military and political updates.

Common Character Types: Racially, the Shogunate only scorns away Goblins and most Skraylin, as they are both seen as little more then pests.

Culturally and ethnically, the Zheng Dynasty's Shogunate includes outcasts, exiles and culturally-assimilated members of nearly every human and elven races, and welcomes any who are ready to speak Hanese, adopt Zhengshii culture and work together in achieving the Zheng great ordeal.

Common character types include:

  • Honorbound Samurai
  • Monks and eastern priests
  • Oriental traders and industrialists
  • Pirates, buccaneers and entrepreneurial sailors
  • Nobility and peasantry of Honji cultures alike
  • Steppe horsemen and shamanistic types
  • Diplomats, spies and roguish style characters

Accepting New Players?: Yes, quite definitely. The Shogunate includes characters of oriental culture of most races and of neutral, evil or some good alignments, with the specific exclusion of goblins. If you have an idea in mind, do not hesitate to send Discord pms to either Arcturio#3587 or Olyblob#9222

Can new player characters leave the faction freely IC if they do not feel it is a good fit for their character?:

Yes, barring if they do so dishonorably ICly/cause controversy ICly. However, we are an understanding large group OOCly; do not hesitate to speak to Arcturio#3587 one on one on Discord if any issues arise!

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