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[Requires a DM to Encounter.]

The most beautiful and majestic creatures ever to grace the skies, Pegasus are large horse-like animals with massive angelic wings spreading from their backs. Pegasus can range in shades of white, from the purest white of clouds to a light shade of rainy gray. Their bodies are typically muscular, skin soft with a long and luxurious mane extending from the head and neck. Pegasus have a long and wispy tail of hair the same color as the mane. Pegasus hair colors include white, golden, and light gray.

The wings of a Pegasus are the same color as the body, massive feathers lining the powerful limbs to aid in flight and gliding. It is extremely difficult to pluck a feather from a Pegasus, and if one were to be so lucky as to obtain one, it would remain in pristine condition forever.

The eyes of a Pegasus are always either sky blue or gold, and they have the natural ability to see magic and souls around them. It is because of this ability that Pegasus became known as magical guardians, occasionally arriving at the scenes of magical disturbances to assist in purifying the area.


Pegasus are rare and tend to stay away from people, finding them to be unfriendly and destructive. They are passive around animals who are passive to them in return, and frequently travel from place to place around the world in search of areas needing purification. Although these angelic beings are equipped with a pair of wings, Pegasus take to the skies primarily for travel, and remain in forest or oasis regions during idle time. They do not frequent extremely cold or hot climates, but can be spotted in these regions if a Pegasus deems an area in need of purification. They are considered to be rare.


Pegasus are frequent travelers and scarcely settle upon a single home. They may often reside in mountainside caves, high up in the sky, or down in forest regions with natural springs of drinking water. A Pegasus tends to avoid fields and wide open areas unlike horses, usually only traveling to these places when corruption or magical disturbances are sensed.


Pegasus are herbivores that snack on grass, leaves, and other plants within reach. They can also stomach poisonous or otherwise dangerous plants far better than any person could, useful for their purification abilities.


Pegasus are neutral with most wildlife but do not tend to interact much with others. They are very focused on keeping the realm as ‘pure’ as possible, serving as mystical guardians. An area of strong corruption may lure multiple Pegasus to purify it, and it is during occasions like these when Pegasus will find a mate and breed young. Pegasus do not breed often but have very long life expectancy, so finding a Pegasus foal is extremely rare.


  • Pegasus hooves are extremely powerful and can fracture bone of an unarmored person in in a single strike.
  • Pegasus naturally resist magical effects and corruption by 50%, making them ideal assistants in land purification processes.
  • When a Pegasus drinks from a spring, the water will be purified for one sept (1 OOC day) afterward and completely safe to drink.
  • When a Pegasus consumes corrupted plants, a new and healthy plant will regrow in its place.
  • Pegasus cannot wear armor of any kind.

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