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These birds are innately magical, however it is often fabled that they’re birds descent from Sol’s rays. The Phoenix resembles closely to that of an eagle, the birds wingspan being 6.5 feet in length as an adult, and being 3.2 feet in length for males. Females are slightly bigger, with their wingspan being an even 7 feet in length, and their body roughly 3.5 feet long. They’re rather hefty birds, weighing around 11 to 15 pounds depending on age and gender. Their feathers are an orange-red in color, with golden accents on the underside of its belly and wings. The patterns can vary, however most of the bird will always stay an orangey red hue.

Being birds of prey, they have large sharp talons, but the most unsettling part of the bird is its ability to be engulfed completely in flame, turning its physical body into that of fire. They can be doused out with water in this form, rendering it to turn to ash. This however does not keep the bird dead, as it can revive itself from its very own ashes, turning into an almost entirely new bird appearance wise, retaining their memories and age . These creatures can only truly stay dead if killed in their physical form, as they require ashes to revive themselves from. Despite their ability to reincarnate, these birds often live to around 500 years old naturally, and can die of old age.


Rare. The phoenix is a rather solidarity bird, only interacting with others of its species to breed, or when raising young. Due to the long lifespan of these birds, they only come together once every century, to produce two, and in rare cases three offspring. They raise their offspring with them for a short time in comparison to their lives, as it takes a baby phoenix five full years to reach adulthood completely. An adult phoenix will protect its young to its death, doing anything to protect fledglings, regardless of whether or not it’s their baby.


They tend to be found near magically conductive areas, however can be found in the highest peaks of the realm, close to the suns rays.


Being a bird of prey, these creatures prefer to eat small animals such as rodents. They’re still completely capable of eating fruits or even vegetables, as they’re omnivores.


Docile in nature, these birds tend to isolate themselves and only ever lash out in self-defense, or when they’re on the hunt. They won’t attack anything bigger than them on their own, and are generally unphased by most creatures. Adult phoenix’s are considerably less trusting of people than younglings, and are much more difficult to tame, if not nearly impossible.


  • Able to turn its body into magical fire, engulfing its entire body and replacing its flesh.
  • The phoenix can revive itself from its own ashes, creating a brand new bird in its recreation.
  • Their tears can speed up the process of healing, magically stitching together open slice wounds with enough tears.
  • Intelligent.
  • Able to be tamed from a young age.

Material Properties

  • The feathers of a phoenix are known to enhance catalysts, often used by mages in the center of wands to give their instrument extra mana capacity.

Alchemical Properties

  • The tears if gathered can be utilized for their healing properties, able to help the regenerative process of an alchemical by increasing its potency.

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