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Upon first glance, the Pultyr appears to be like any other stalagmite, matching the color of the cave as well as texture near perfectly. It has a singular eye that opens up slowly upon the detection of nearby victims, upon the eye opening several tentacles will spew out from the ground around the Pultyr and from its body. It boasts a large mouth that is capable of eating even the largest of orc in one large bite, its teeth razor sharp and layered. The Pultyr is surprisingly enough a sentient creature that remains quiet for unsuspecting prey to sustain its diet. The Pultyr has been known to forfeit eating in order to study parties that move past them in order to learn ways to draw others to them, or to simply converse with them and gather the knowledge that they hold. They reproduce on their own without need for another pultyr, as when they die a small rock core is thrown from their bodies and attaches to the closest amount of rock, which then grows into a new Pultyr that has no memories of its parent.


The Pultyr is rare in nature, though not many know of their existence simply due to their innate abilities of camouflage. Generally a pultyr will be seen alone, as they're stationary creatures and have no need for others of their kind.


The Deep Run.




Pultyr can be both hostile and friendly, depending on their mood and how hungry they are. Generally, they seek out knowledge and if a great amount of it is offered, they will set aside their hunger in order to learn, at least temporarily.


  • Blends in perfectly with terrain. Stationary, cannot move.
  • Grapples with tentacles that boast a sticky adhesive, much like its spit.
  • The eye is capable of pinpointing specific people and upon eye contact it will render them slowed to one meter of movement per turn. This also fatigues them for a short amount of time as the Pultyr focuses on it as its prey.
  • They spit out a sticky substance from their mouth that acts as an extremely strong adhesive, only capable of being burned off.
  • Surprisingly intelligent and sentient, the Pultyr is capable of speaking and holding conversation.

Material Properties

  • The spit is capable of being used as a very strong adhesive that can only be removed with fire.

Alchemical Properties

  • The eye is capable of being used in order to create a similar effect that the eye of the Pultyr does. When used in alchemicals it's capable of causing great fatigue and slow them to one meter of movement for a short duration.

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