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The races of Aethier draw from traditional fantasy races such as Dwarves as well as inventing unique subraces to the existing archetypes with races like the Draxgar and Sinnehliv. Each has something different to offer for players looking to create compelling characters, be it racial traits, inborne immunities, or colorful cultures.

While the races of Aethier are numerous, not all are available to play a character as, barring special exceptions. Playable races are listed in the link above.

It should come as no surprise that fantasy races renown for their strength and size might have an innate advantage in that area. The same can be said of those known for their speed and dexterity. The link above contains information on the Strength & Speed system that Aethier uses to balance power between races.

With fantasy races, when it comes to the subject of offspring there may or may not be compatibility issues depending on their genetics. Read above to know the specifics.

Races that are typically reserved for events only, they are uncommon to see walking about in broad daylight, especially as a player character. That said, some may be applied for via a Non-Standard Character Application.

Artificial creatures spawned by means of alchemy. They have no soul.

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