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The Romgle comes in many sizes and shapes though never is bigger than that of a small boulder. They boast no real ears nor nose and at first it seems that they may not even have any sort of feet. This is contrary to the case as these stone-like creatures have small little stubs for legs, boasting four small legs with flat feet that will shrink inwards to their belly in order to hide. Their eyes are pure black and their eyelids are stone, making it hard to breach through to their eyes when they’re closed. Romgles can be smooth or rough to the touch though they are always made out of some form of stone, except miraculously enough they have fleshy insides, giving way to the fact that they are living. Near their underbelly they have a mouth that opens up to reveal both sharp and flat teeth, the majority being the former. To communicate they make small little high pitched squeaks in various tones as well as nuzzle one another.


Commonly found inside of the deep run, however they have been known to be seen in other cave systems throughout the world.


Cave systems, the dwarf run and the deep run. They are the same rarity as their stone type.


These little creatures eat any sort of rock or metal they can get their hands on, though rarely they will eat plants or small bugs.


Neutral, the Romgle tends to avoid people as best they can. They will only attack if provoked.


  • Tameable.
  • Eyes are sensitive to sunlight.
  • If given a large piece of forged material to consume over the course of three turns, they will spit the same forged material out as a tiny version of it permanently.

Material Properties

  • Sometimes the Romgle can be found as different types of stone, such as Arcamite, Elderium, or otherwise. Upon killing a Romgle, they can harvest their body to use as the stone’s normal purposes.

Alchemical Properties

  • The saliva of the Romgle when used alchemically can make things smaller than they should be, allowing one to make a potion that could shrink objects or people.

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