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The Sand Wyrm is a dangerous creature native to the desert. It's body is made up of fire resistant skin that is sleek, yet rough to the touch of a regular individual. This is primarily caused by the fact the creature's body is constantly shifting, and it's anatomy is not far from that of a snake. A fully grown Wyrm can Reach up to 40 meters long and 3-6 meters wide. The sand Wyrm's body is often accentuated by countless patters of brown and beige tones. Very few fully grown sand Wyrms have been noted by travelers, and those who have claimed to seeing them have also not returned in one rightful piece. Sand Wyrm's secrete a very odd slime-like substance as they travel, creating large open caverns beneath the ground that are often many a reason for sinkholes or quicksand pits in the desert. At the very mouth of this beast lies over ten rows of razor sharp teeth, made to grind through flesh, metal and mineral alike in mere seconds. Sand Wyrm's entirely lack eyes, and rely on vibrations to tell the path of where they, or their prey, lingers.


Sand Wyrm's tend to be somewhat loosely distributed through the desert sands. Though most don't have a true home, and therefore the primary cluster of Sand Wryms is nearly nonexistent, and they are considered Rare.


Sand Wyrm's are generally not seen due to their homes being massive burrows beneath the ground of the desert, yet sometimes their burrows can pierce the surface and be solidified by the sun. In these rare cases empty caverns tend to appear, before quickly crumbling to dust once the moonlight overtakes the sun.


Sand Wyrm's are extremely slow eaters. By either miracle or genetics, they only need to eat about once every two cycles, and require no sources of water at all to survive. When a Wyrm is hungry, however-they become extremely dangerous predators. Requiring food about the weight of an Orc in substance, these quick, purely carnivorous predators are extremely quiet, and extremely lethal.


Sand Wyrm's are highly independent beasts. Though they sometimes tend to conflict with one another over territory, it never ends lethally. These creatures often respect other's territory, and each Wyrm's slime secretes a unique pheromone to help differentiate themselves from one another's land.


  • Extremely Flame-Retardant
  • Needs only eat once every two cycles, and requires no water.
  • Razor-Sharp teeth can rip through anything in seconds.
  • Able to leap into the air massively by garnering enough momentum from movement.
  • Immune to Blunt weaponry, however Weaker to sharper tools.
  • Sand Wyrm's are massive, yet are extremely agile within the sands.

Material Properties

  • Slime of a sand Wyrm can be collected and used as an effective adhesive once hardened, similar to that of modern-day cement.
  • The skin of the sand wyrm can be treated into a usable form.

Alchemical Properties

  • Sand Wyrm teeth marrow is an extremely potent softening substance, and is capable of turning even the hardest of organic materials into what feels like a soft sponge, making it very easy to destroy whatever it was.

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