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Slithershard are most anatomically similar to snakes, possessing no limbs and moving by slithering/writhing about on the ground. They have two black beady eyes and a small, flattened face, but the rest of their body is a long ‘tube’ about 8 cm in diameter. When these creatures slither a sound akin to that of crumpling tinfoil is heard.

Unlike typical snakelife, Slithershard do not have the scaly, reptilian appearance, nor do they shed their skin. They do, however, share some characteristics in common with King Cobras, including the hood below the head and similar lengths and sizes. Slithershard typically grow between three and four meters long, weighing in at around 6-8 kilograms at full size. Slithershard have an innate coil ability useful for restricting, strangling, and crushing prey, while also possessing the ability to launch themselves up to three meters in any direction.

Slithershard have an eerily smooth and perfectly slick outer layer that appears almost entirely transparent. When touched, the ‘skin’ of a Slithershard feels like a glass sculpture. While the creature’s outside appears completely clear, no innards are to be seen. This is because although the skin looks transparent, in actuality it functions more similarly to camouflage. Slithershard bodies naturally filter light to absorb and reflect the colors of their environment, making the creatures difficult to spot. Slithershard tend only to be seen while moving or if spotted directly by an observant onlooker. As a result of the unpleasant sound made by the creature on the go, they are far more easily spotted while in movement.

The tail of a Slithershard ends in a sharp point akin to that of a spear, and can actually be used as a puncturing weapon to impale larger prey. Slithershard are able to use their tails in manners resembling scorpions, curling the tail over their heads and stabbing forth in a swift, jabbing motion. Although the tail is capable of dealing blunt damage, no venom or poisons are released from such an attack.

Slithershard are able to dislocate their jaws at will to consume large prey and possess two elongated teeth able to inject their prey with a deadly venom upon a single bite. The spread of the venom throughout the body is a slow and painful process. Slithershard enjoy the thrill of the hunt, and prefer to play with their prey before making the kill.


Slithershard can only be found in the crystal biome and do not often expose themselves to the surface world. Thus, they are considered to be rare.


These creatures tend to burrow beneath the ground and remain deep within the planet where the ground is highly concentrated and temperatures are fairly high. Slithershard tend to come out once per sept to hunt, often spending the entire day on the surface hunting prey before retreating underground once more with a satiated hunger.


Slithershard are notorious for consuming anything and everything sentient. They border on carnivorous creatures but are considered omnivores due to the fact they will consume moving/sentient plantlife. Any creature that provides a Slithershard with a fun and engaging round of cat and mouse will prove satisfying for consumption. Slithershard tend to chase, attack, lure, and trap their prey, prolonging death considerably before finally consuming the victim. Slithershard prefer their prey live and incapacitated or freshly deceased, often swallowing victims whole to be broken down and digested internally.


These creatures are best described as vicious and deadly, even towards others of their kind. Slithershard are very territorial and will not hesitate to strike at one of their own. They will also cannibalize other Slithershard if given the opportunity, being that they are immune to one another’s venom. These creatures do not reproduce and are instead reborn from the crystal fragments of a deceased predecessor. Slithershard have very few predators and do not die often. They also do not seem to have an expiration date resulting from old age.


  • Teeth are razor sharp and extend to needle tip points.
  • These creatures can curl up and launch themselves through the air up to three meters in any direction.
  • Tail point sharp like a spear tip, used like a scorpion tail.
  • Cannot be tamed.

Alchemical Properties

  • Slithershards have venom that will slowly crystallize the inner fluids of anyone who is bitten/injected. The venom is crystal clear and looks identical to water at a glance, but upon close inspection miniscule crystals can be seen floating around within the venom. When injected into a person, the venom begins to crystallize all fluids inside the body, turning the victim into a Lucient.

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