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The Snosabel Tiger is a well-known northern feline which lingers among the freezing temperatures of the tundras. Measuring from their feet to their shoulders, this big cat can reach up to a height of around 4 ft (122 cm), and a length from their chest to the end of their tail 13 ft (396 cm). Laden with a long-haired, heavy fur coat, their pelts tend to grow longer upon the chest and front legs, sometimes growing a longer tuft between these two appendages in a vague mane-like appearance. This thick though surprisingly soft fur has been found to be an effective shield from snow, as the frozen flakes rarely freeze or entangle within it, instead shook off easily. A Snosabel Tiger's fur can take on tawny or smoke gray colors that can vary mildly in different shades but are never particularly bright. Faded black spots or stripes can also display as markings upon the tiger, though generally their pelts are dull to keep camouflage a factor. Their tails are rather short as well so they don't happen to drag in the snow. These creatures are quite invisible in the northern climates to which they live, being quite balanced and very difficult to track.

Two impressive attributes of this animal often come to mind, one being their oddly shaped jaw, which allows them to carry a lethal set of massive "hooked" canines, which allow them to grab onto prey while chasing through the snow. These fangs work similarly to that of snake fangs, allowing the tiger to inject venom into the target of it's hunt. This venom is extremely toxic, and can bring down an elk, or deer within a matter of minutes. The second attribute is shared by the fangs being the larger for paws of the animal, which house its curled claws, safety tucked away like most cats when it is not hunting, however if the fangs miss their mark, these claws also contain this same venom and can be used to slow down or even wound the animal enough to permit the tiger to catch up or make the kill.

These beasts are a prize to hunt, and only the best go after them due to the dangerous arsenal that they carry. The prized collection of good hunters often display skulls, bones, and their incredibly warm pelts, which can also act as good camo, but the rare prize is their large teeth, and of course the venom.


Snosabel Tigers tend to be very nomadic, following herds of elk to the far reaches of the North, especially preferring open plains for hunting grounds. Adults usually travel in packs, in fact, and are rarely seen being solitary. Cubs are usually kept within small, temporary dens until they grow of age to be able to be exposed to cold without trouble. Because of other predatory competition among the North, Snosabel Tigers are considered Rare.


Snosabel Tigers are mainly sighted on the outskirts of snowy plains, especially where herds of elk or other prey is currently grazing. Sighting one of these animals is a very rare occurrence, as their pelts, along with natural behaviors make them very difficult to track, or to spot within their natural habitats. However, a hunter given enough skill and time would be able to follow the signs in order to find one. Finding one in caves would be especially difficult as these are often kept on high grounds near mountains or difficult terrain and guarded by adults.


Their diet is very strictly carnivorous, having a very specific food preference that focuses around deer and elk which are most common to sustain them in the North. Although sometimes Mammoths can be taken down if there is a large enough pack to do so.


Snosabel Tigers are very threatening and territorial when met up with people, as packs which consist of no more than three or so adult tigers usually claim certain hunting grounds and paths. Competing with this animal for food will surely turn out badly. Trying to domesticate this animal would nearly be impossible, having to find one as a newly born cub, but the caves where they are kept are often in dangerous locations and guarded by the adults. Trying to raise would would take a master, and even then would most likely result in the tiger wandering back into the wilds of the north.


  • Snosabel Tigers have enormous upper fangs that curve down past their jaw. They are especially used for hunting to bite into and hook their prey. These fangs contain a toxic venom which packs enough punch to bring down an adult elk or deer by inducing hypothermia and draining them of all heat in their body. This would include any man who foolishly attempted a hunt unprepared.
  • The front paws of this feline are larger than the back in order to shovel past snow when travelling in deep snowfall. These paws also contain the same venom as the fangs, albeit less in amount.
  • Snosabel Tigers are very nomadic, solely relying on following their main food sources.
  • Snosabel Tigers are almost impossible to fully tame, and cannot be domesticated into breeding. Their instincts are of a wild animal, and if not handled correctly, most often they will return to the north upon being a grown age.

Material Properties

  • The pelt of this animal is extremely warm, and is capable of protecting anything it covers from the coldest reaches possible in the world with its furry comfort.

Alchemical Properties

  • The venom of the Snosabel Tiger can be used by hunters to bring down prey, and is an extremely potent venom that drains the heat out of a victims body and can either induce hypothermia or freeze them to a point where their very blood crystallizes.

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