Speed & Strength

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All races within the Realms of Aversia, and far beyond in the Multiverse possess their natural skills for might and agility. Many races can have great feats of agility which grants them the ability to storm ahead in battle. Whilst others possess what seems to be boundless wells of strength, dwarfing the capabilities of any other race. All individuals possess some modicum of strength and speed which grant them an edge above each of the other races.

Strength and Speed Tiers

All races are variable in terms of their natural abilities, these simple functions will govern their entire lives and affect them even in their most menial of daily tasks. Whether one is attempting to lift a pot of stew from the stove, or running in a marathon their natural strength and speed will come into play. Regardless of this though, strength enhancing abilities can only bring one up to tier 6 unless they are of the race which grants them such above it.

The link below will bring you to the Strength and Speed Tier Spreadsheet, the Speed Tier List is on a separate tab accessible on the bottom.

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