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Commonly mistaken as a variety of Treant, Spriggans are amalgamations of the forest: They are formed primarily of wood but adorn themselves in various living forms of plant life including but not limited to vines and flowers.. They often stand upwards of 5 ft tall and assume petite humanoid figures with delicate features. Unlike their counterpart, the Leshen, Spriggans are passive creatures, though in rare cases have been known to aid those in the forest. They are primordial nature spirits that roam the entirety of the larger forests of Aversia. These beings are ancient, predating even the earliest of civilizations though little is known about them, except that they are very defensive of the forests in which they reside. A Spriggan itself is not a physical being, but rather an ancient spirit manifesting itself in the nature that surrounds it. As beings of primordial power, they are able to manipulate the life around them, plant and wild animal alike, to protect the forests they call home. These small creatures are quite nimble and are able to navigate the forests with ease, extending vines from their forms to traverse the treetops. A Spriggan creates its form out of the woods of the forests that surround them. Unlike Leshen however, the wood that Spriggans are comprised of appears to still be living, and often leaves and other plant life will grow on them. These forms are often susceptible to fire, however as Spriggans are not physical beings they feel no pain. When a Spriggans’s body is destroyed, it simply moves on and begins to form a new body out of the surrounding plant-life. More powerful Spriggans can reform new bodies in a matter of mere minutes. When a Spriggan's body is destroyed, it leaves behind its trophies to start anew: The more plant life that adorns a Spriggan’s form, the longer it has spent protecting its forest in that form. Various can also be found living in and on these creatures forms and also flying around them. They are effectively walking ecosystems.


Spriggans primarily inhabit the large forests of central Aversia, as such, these creatures are somewhat common. The true rarity of these creatures scales with the wood the build their forms out of: an oaken Spriggan would be considered common, whereas a hero's ebony Spriggan would be considered rare. Most often, Spriggan are spotted alongside Leshen. They can sometimes be found in the forests north of the eastern swamps and the western, coastal peninsulas.


As ancient spirits, Spriggans are beyond the need of a diet.


Spriggans are most often passive to those travelling through the forest, however they quickly turn hostile to those found harming the forest or its inhabitants. These creatures are often found aiding the creatures of the forest and working to ensure that injured animals and damaged plants recover. They serve as its caretakers. On rare occasion, lost or starving travelers have had the fortune of being saved by these silent caretakers that have taken pity on them.


  • Physical forms are weak to fire and can be destroyed with it.
  • Use the ancient Fey language to control plant-life and wildlife to defend their forests.
  • Move quickly and can extend vines form their forms to traverse the forests quickly.
  • Cannot truly die, as when their bodies are destroyed they form new ones, however stealing their soul causes this process to stop, effectively "killing" them.

Material Properties

  • Spriggans often form themselves out of rare and strong woods.

Alchemical Properties

  • Some Spriggans can be found with rare alchemically useful plants growing on their forms. If ones body can be disabled without destroying the wood, it can be salvaged, and the alchemical ingredients can be harvested from them.

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