Steed of the Seas

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These majestic and ancient creatures have lived in the seas since before some speculate even the gods have. This ancient race is reminiscent in practicality of the horses and other animals of the mainland. In their physicality, they are much like that of sea horses or dragons however, having long limbs and a curved tail at their rear. Their fins sometimes number many, and are somewhat translucent, often replicating the colors of their body which vary brightly.

Syrien merchants are said to value not only the fastest and strongest of these breeds, but also the most colorful. In this way, the more colorful reef Steeds are more prized than the others, coming in similar colors to corals. Red, blue, purples, greens, almost the whole spectrum can be find in these. On their scaly backs, which are made to protect them from the teeth of other animals, sometimes saddles could be placed on their hunch, and can be domesticated and ridden if they are not scared off.

These creatures have long snouts and tongues, where they reach out to grab their food, tug it up and swallow it. The males have pouches much like that of a kangaroo, where they store the female's eggs to be hatched in time, protecting the youth as the large females move away to go off on their own to find another mate. Unless domesticated, it is common for the females to be violent to other Steeds, and more likely to abuse their partners and leave. They also care little for their children, and leave it solely to the fathers to raise them. The Steeds are said to be born from Vuona's hold and put into the world to demonstrate patience and finding inner peace.


The species of 'sea horse' or 'sea dragon' are uncommon among the waters. They like to linger in beds of kelp, algae, or in coral reefs. They take on the color of their surrounding through birth, and do not change over the course of their lives. This makes their appearance dependent on where they are born, rather than their parentage. With this, the most rare ones are the ones found in the reef, as it is hard for them to find places to hide from predators. Regardless, they are considered to be rare.


These Steeds are most commonly found inside large beds of greenery or more rarely in coral reefs.


The Steeds diet almost entirely consists of sea-greenery, whether this is sea weed, bunches of algae, or kelp. They are docile to other creatures, and tend to migrate from one patch of food to the next, being sure to carefully cultivate more. Oddly, they have formed a rudimentary form of agriculture, never depleting each source of food entirely, and waiting for it to grow. In this way, they seem more sentient than most other animals.


The Steeds are incredibly docile creatures. They are incredibly likely to charge off at threats and non-threats which do not present favor with the creature. They seem almost to have personalities as well. It is said that the Syrien have used them for centuries as mounts when going to war with the land dwellers so they might be in their land form and not have to change once on surface.. These creatures are also used to cart various goods beneath the wave, being incredibly reliable for such.


  • These creatures are the fastest in the oceans, this being how they avoid most prey.
  • Despite their large size, they are able to blend in and hide well with most of their surroundings.
  • These creatures are naturally docile, avoiding hurting much of anything if able.
  • Steeds can be tamed should they be fed and properly domesticated.

Material Properties

  • If their scaly hide was to be harvested, it would be seen as rather water resistant and flexible, decent for clothing or some tools such as bowls.
  • Their meat is surprisingly delicious, though they lack much in their use besides domestication.

Alchemical Properties

  • Unknown.

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