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Sun scorpions come in three different tiers of size; lesser, greater, and colossal. Lesser sun scorpions are around the size of a house cat, greater the size of a man on all fours, and colossal specimen range from the size of a horse to the size of a carriage. No matter the size, all sun scorpions are plated in a rigid chitinous carapace that is capable of deflecting arrows and sword strikes - the scorpion only being vulnerable to such attacks in its maw, underbelly, and joints. At its front are two deadly claws, which are nigh impossible to open once closed on prey. Nearer to the back is the sun scorpion's trademark; its venomous stinger. The properties of the venom are many, but the stinger itself is as strong as steel, functioning like a spear-point.


Sun scorpions dwell in arid environments like Savannah and deserts, and are considered rare.


These arachnids create burrows and small tunnel systems to live in, though they may also make home out of an old ruin or city.


Sun scorpions are wholly carnivorous, and eat whatever they can find, sometimes this includes other scorpions. If it catches prey large enough, it may not need to eat again for months.


Sun scorpions stalk and hunt without abandon, only "cooperating" with nearby scorpions if greater prey is around or to mate.


  • Come in three different size categories.
  • Hunt by securing or wounding their prey with their claws, and finishing it with a gouge from the stinger.
  • A single dose (or stab wound) from the stinger applies enough venom to rapidly coagulate a man's bloodstream, resulting in massive arterial clotting and almost certain death.
  • Extremely difficult to extract the venom without damaging the sacks that contain it.
  • Its armored chitin grants it resistance against traditional weapons, those who encounter it must think of better ways to fight the beasts.

Material Properties

  • The fur of a Sun scorpion that is located between its chitin is extremely insulating, capable of keeping people cool or warm at extreme temperatures of both types.
  • The Chitin of the sun scorpion is durable and harvestable.

Alchemical Properties

  • The venom of a Sun scorpion within its sac is an extremely lethal poison that rapidly coagulates the blood of a user if not taken in small doses, or with additional solutions.

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