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[DMing this creature to create Shifters requires Lore Approval]

The Supian is a large creature with four legs, three sharp claws, and feathers littering its body. These feathers change in shape, coloration and texture almost constantly, shifting and stuttering throughout life. Their feathers allow them to camouflage into the mountain ranges and forests of the ranges they call home, making them ambush predators when on the ground. They boast four wings, with two upper being larger than the lower two. Their tail is similar to a birds tail, consisting of long feathers. Their feathers vary in colors, shifting constantly between monochromatic and teals, blues, or greens.

A Supian has the face of an owl, with two long and sharp horns protruding from the base of its head. Their necks are absurdly long, capable of allowing their head to move a full 360 degrees. They do not have beaks, but rather a feline-like nose that matches their semi-feline like body shape. A Supian does not have a mouth, nor do they have pupils in their eyes, simply instead a pure black eye. They are five feet tall on all fours, whereas when standing bipedal they can reach up to a height of nine foot when fully stretched. Their upper pair of wings has a wingspan of twelve feet, whereas the second pair has a wingspan of eight feet. Including their tail, they range from twelve to fourteen feet long, with the females being bigger than the males.

Supians are solitary creatures and do not travel in pacts. They are only ever seen with another Supian when it is a mother with their young or during breeding season. A Supian will only ever have one baby at a time and is extremely protective of it as they do not breed frequently. Supians live for hundreds of years, and take twenty years to reach maturity.




High elevations, mountain ranges.


Due to their lack of a mouth, Supians do not eat in conventional ways. Instead they feast on the memories and dreams of other creatures. Once they have successfully drained them of enough memories, their bodies feathers will expand, and their chest will open, pulling the creature straight into their gullet to be consumed. Large creatures tend to have a harder time being consumed by the Supian, thus making them rarely ever attacked by a Supian unless in self defense.


Supians are generally passive beings to humans and anything of equal or larger size to them, seeing them as no threat to their well being. They are aggressive to any creature that is smaller than them, including young children. They are not able to be tamed.


  • Capable of paralyzing other beings by staring into the Supian's eyes, this paralyzing takes three turns to complete with direct eye contact, and lasts for five turns, until the creature is harmed or until an outside force blocks eye contact.
  • Able to drain memories from others at a rate of half a year [2 OOC weeks] per turn when they have their victim in a paralyzing stare.
  • Nails are as strong as steel, making them good to slice through beings and make them ‘softer’ before pulling them into their body.
  • Incredible ranged eyesight. Low light vision, capable of seeing in both light and dark but with an easier time in darkness.
  • Their first pair of wings (upper pair) is capable of transforming into arms with claws much like a person’s fingers. This transformation takes two turns, both ways. This will drastically lower the length of the wings when transformed into arms, having the same length as their legs in this form.
  • Capable of flight.

Material Properties

Alchemical Properties

  • The eyes of the Supian can be used to increase the distance that one can see, making images bolder and easier spotted.

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