Swamp Cyclops

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These unusually natured creatures have only been observed inhabiting the more untouched areas of swamplands and marshes, tending to reside in more reclusive zones where human contact is scarce. They tend to be seen with varying degrees of rarity near these wetlands, typically inland-dotted around Aversia. Visually; the swamp cyclops possess a singular cavity in the center of its face, appearing to be an eye socket, though without an eye to fill this hollow chamber. It is said that this odd mutation occurred to conserve energy; many of the swamp creatures that would be considered prey to this predator blend in with their surroundings, resulting in the eyesight of the cyclops being a much more expendable sense than that of its impeccable hearing. It is presumed that the creature did once possess an eye, but this trait seems to have slowly become extinct throughout the generations, leaving a large cavity within its skull.

The creatures lack of eyesight has caused its other senses to be heightened greatly in accordance, they are often seen with their long neck protruding towards the sky, their ears flicking such as a cat would in the direction of sound, mimicking the well known meerkat in its mannerisms. The only difference in this is that the cyclops click their tongues as bats would to use echolocation, as the sound bouncing between the trees and off the bodies of prey as they move across the landscape helps identify their exact locale. The creature's height varies little between individuals, only differing a foot or two, with the highest limit being about four meters.

Its body is coated in a thin elastic skin and grass-like fur that blends nefariously well with the trees and environment around it, allowing it to hunt prey without often expending much effort, and its horrifying visage is not something to be taken lightly. When needed, it can move at bursts of high speeds through the swamps, catching prey with superhuman agility and tearing through the flesh with easy use of their large maw, filled with sharp canines. The cyclops are slender and lanky so as on the off chance a predator were to find it, it can stand up straight, concealing itself inconspicuously alongside the tall trees dotting the land. They move in small droves of five or ten individuals, living together not as a family but more akin to neighbors simply coexisting and helping each other out for mutual benefit.


The swamp cyclops most commonly inhabit the moist, humid swampland of Aversia however it is not impossible for these creatures to roam from those lands, although not usually emigrating to more populated landscapes. It can be witnessed within forests and jungles, however are much rarer in these areas than their original homes of the marsh, and are considered rare.


The swamp cyclops generally finds its home in the deep marshlands of the land, away from large population centers and among the tall trees and flora that suffocate the landscape. here, they hunt and survive, away from people who might come to destroy them and their homes.


Swamp cyclops are primarily carnivorous hunters, hunting within their Droves and roaming the swamps, listening and looking intently in every direction, while their tongues click repeatedly as a group. When one catches the movement of prey, it quickly scuttles towards the prey on all fours, surprisingly fast despite its normally slow, labored way of movement. They tear the prey's flesh from the bones, picking off every morsel of protein possible, before leaving a pile of loose bones on the floor.


These creatures move together in packs with no formed hierarchy ,so sometimes there can be infighting over food and rarely, one of the cyclops will perish in these battles of hunger. The victor then takes the spoils, consuming his opponent and leaving little for his colleagues to collect.


  • These creatures, although working together in groups are craven, and will gladly leave their group if it affords their own individual survival and continuation.
  • Utilize Echolocation to monitor their surroundings, being able to pick out movement from hundreds of feet away.
  • Able to camouflage themselves within the tall, slender trees of swamps excellently.
  • They are very agile similar to that of a cheetah, sprinting quickly in short bursts, however have a low stamina pool.
  • Capable of using primitive weaponry such as tree trunks and branches.

Material Properties

  • The creature's skin underneath the moss and scales is rather akin to rubber, silicone or latex. It has elastic properties and is able to stretch extensively for short periods of time, but tears to pieces if overused.

Alchemical Properties

  • The saliva of these horrid creatures possesses a sedative venom that quickly and quietly takes its prey down in a matter of minutes, depending on its size. When entering the bloodstream through a wound or otherwise, the sedative takes hold and puts them to sleep, until their heart stops merely a few minutes later from the venom.

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