Ten-Eyed Swamp Eel

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The ten-eyed swamp eel is a euryhaline-type fish that lurks in marshes, bogs, and swamps. The creature makes its home in fresh, brackish, or saltwater habitats in temperate or cool waters. Its body can grow to a maximum of two meters; typically, however, the average is a meter or less. As an eel, the creature sports a tapering tail and a dull muzzle and possesses no fins. Instead, it uses body waves that swiftly propel its movement through water. The swamp eel exhibits a strong swampy brown color to hide itself in the murky waters of its habitat.

In appearance, the eel is entirely normal besides its numerous eyes. Large white eyeballs dot the skin of creature from its blunt snout to waving tail; the swamp eel sees through all of them, but some may be closed or damaged and are only useful for intimidation. Not all eels possess ten eyes, however⁠—they can be taken in fights with other creatures who call the swamp home or lost due to infection.


The fish is considered common in distribution. Female eels can lay plenty of eggs with many off her offspring growing to adulthood, should the egg survive.


Ten-eyed swamp eels make their home in swamps, bogs, marshes, and most water sources. They are an invasive species, and thus are hunted for sport.


Shrimp, small fish, frogs, worms, and small aquatic animals are all considered feasts to the ten-eyed swamp eel.


These creatures are considerably evasive and won't pick a fight unless hungry or forced. If hungry enough, they will attack anything in sight—including humans.


  • Swims at a top speed of 5 miles per hour.
  • Sports 10 eyes and is capable of seeing through all of them.
  • Thrives well in swamps and will invade other aquatic environments with ease.
  • Bites cause extremely deep puncture wounds and kills tissue.
  • Whiplash caused by panicked eels above water.
  • Intimidation imposed if more than two eyes are looked into.

Material Properties

  • None

Alchemical Properties

  • If enough eyes are used in a creation with other alchemicals, the user can temporarily form eyes in the back of their head.

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