The Kheris

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Innately this creature is a mesh of pink flesh that feels almost squishy and malleable to the touch. The kheris find themselves as parasites, capable of jumping from host to host should they be forced off of their position on the chest. It manifests as a small blob barely bigger than the fist of an adult male, however it has embedded itself into underground creatures similar to some form of canine predator and over time has become one with the species, causing its original breed to die out entirely. It boasts four powerful legs with three toes on each foot, tendrils spew out from its ribcage, one on each side, from their shoulders, from their mouth and from their chest. Without this parasite, the large creature it calls home will die but it is capable of hopping onto new hosts, including people, and spawning these pink tendrils from the same spots it did on its normal body. They have completely white eyes with a bite strong enough to chop a normal person’s entire limb off in one go. The tail of the kheris is long and sharp, serving almost akin to a whip. They have coarse fur that is often matted, their pelts black, grey, dark browns or any combination of the three.


These creatures are solidarity beings, often fighting over one another for territory. The kheris is considered rare.


The Deep run, however it’s not entirely strange to see them in other cave systems.


Carnivorous. The kheris eats purely meat, though it cares little for type.


Territorial and hostile. The kheris will actively patrol its territory in order to exterminate anything that gets close.


  • Poor eyesight in any form of light; Good dark vision.
  • Strong sense of smell.
  • Tendrils are capable of acting as free limbs and may move independently of one another. These tendrils will regrow until the main weak point in the chest is destroyed or removed. Typically have anywhere from eight to ten tendrils on any one kheris.
    • The Tendrils are also sticky and allow the creature to stick to surfaces they otherwise would be unable to, such as walking on ceilings.
  • The kheris tend to have powerful back legs and pounce on their foes. They can dash or pounce up to ten meters in a singular turn.

Material Properties

  • The tendrils are coated in a sticky substance that is similar to some form of gel, capable of being used as a good bonding agent.

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