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The Matriarch is a massive, primal beast, with it's species originating from the well known Sun Scorpions of the Arkolos desert. Originally the classification of "Colossal", the Matriarch encountered a large magical anomaly of unknown origin, causing it to grow exponentially in size and stature. Though it retains the same shape and weaknesses as it's species, it's speed and strength are unparalleled within the desert sands.

The Apex predator of the desert, the Matriarch has encountered the Aversians more than once, but has come out unscathed each and every time. It is a predator that cannot be taken on alone, and has been the deathwish of many foolish adventurers in both past, and present. Boasting an impressive 28m in height and over 32m in width, the Matriarch is a massive creature the size of a small hamlet. It's body seems unnaturally resistant to damage as well, perhaps a source of the magical anomaly which changed it so long ago.


The Matriarch is a Unique creature, and as such is only seen in the Arkolos Desert.


The Matriarch remains in it's prime habitat, which is near the many oasis and dried riverbeds about the sandy dunes.


The matriarch primarily feasts upon the corpses of foolish adventurers, whom grant it a free dinner once every so often. To it's delight, the Matriarch does not need to feed often, and in fact can store nutrients in it's body for a long period of time, similar to how camels store water.


The Matriarch is a generally passive creature unless someone gets too close, or attempts to harm one of it's egg clusters. It only becomes aggressive when it is hungry or wounded, hunting down whatever creature that harmed it or it's egg clusters. It shares no specific relations with any creatures or people.


  • The poison it emits causes paralysis, and is more often then not fatal due to cardiac arrest from the paralyzing venom.
  • Its armored chitin grants it immunity against traditional weapons, those who encounter it must think of better ways to fight the beast.
  • A single dose (or stab wound) from the stinger applies enough venom to kill a man within five OOC minutes, and even a flesh wound is enough to kill.
    • It's stinger is sharper then any known metal in existence, and cuts through anything like a hot knife to butter, save a few objects.
  • In addition to this, its unnatural power makes it able to mitigate even the strongest abilities into minor cuts and wounds.

Material Properties

  • The chitin of the Matriarch is enchanted with the ability to mitigate and absorb even the strongest of blows. If made into armor by a master smith, it is capable of absorbing and making blunt damage completely ineffective.
  • The venom within the Matriach's sac is the most potent toxin on the planet, and is capable of destroying someone's insides within 5 turns when ingested or put into the bloodstream.

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