The Mechanical Hydra

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A hydra made out of pure metal, boasting five serpentine heads that all stem out from its own individual neck that is a full two meters long each. These heads are all connected to one center point that opens agape to form another mouth, their heads seemingly sprawling out of this gaping hole that can mechanically close together to seal its most vulnerable spot. Their body stretches out with four legs and a long serpentine tail at the end that has sharp strands of metal capable of shredding anything like the thick metal claws of its hands and feet. Gears tick inside of its body and are visible on its underbelly where the metal is thinner. This creature possesses one core inside the center of their largest mouth, which is the spot where their heads crawl out of. This core glows either green, orange, blue or white depending on type of material being spewed at the time, this particular color also being present amongst its metal heads and necks. Each neck has a different type of damage.


This hydra is only found inside of The Dwarfrun and is considered a unique event monster.


None. Due to being made out of metal they are often found in the smithys of long forgotten Dwarves who have failed to keep their inventions in check.


The Mechanical Hydra has no need to eat due to being mechanical.


Hostile. The Mechanical Hydra is a naturally aggressive and territorial creature, seeking to wipe out any fool that comes into its territory.


  • Has four types of attacks: Acidic, Hot, Cold and Poisonous.
  • Capable of procuring a variety of things out of their maw based on type. They spew forth either a spray of green acid, orange hot fire, blue icey frost, or a black poisonous fog from their jaws. It takes them two turns to do so and they can keep spewing out this material for three turns at a time. The material travels outwards five meters in front of its mouth.
    • The acid is capable of melting through all metal that is not resistant to corrosion as if slicing a knife through butter. Within two turns any metal it touches will be melted through, it takes a turn to go through flesh and another for bone.
    • The flame is somewhat sticky though burns for the second degree upon initial contact and prolonged exposure will leave third degree burns.
    • The frost freezes to anything that has moistures and clings to it, causing icicles to be formed over where it impacts. It leaves second degree frostbite upon initial exposure and freezes things in place if they are in the breath for more than two turns.
    • The smoke is capable of moving through and clouding everyone's vision like a fog, preventing any concentration save for the divine from being used as it chokes those inside and causes breathing to become difficult. Minor necrosis is left on exposed flesh for the initial turn one is in the smog, progressing to medium scale necrosis over exposed body parts and over metal for the rest of the time they are in the smoke
  • This creature constantly remakes itself as it gets harmed, its body will repair itself from the core. Should something stop working on its body, it will immediately start to repair itself even in the middle of battle, meaning that partial destruction of this creature is impossible to do.
    • Differing from the other limbs of the hydra, should one of the necks or heads be cut off, two mechanical heads will sprout out from its place.

Material Properties

  • This Hydra possesses a rather strong golem core in its center. This core however is malfunctioning in the sense of it will almost always seek to betray its creator and gain its freedom, this being an essential part of its core. To remove this aspect would be to remake the core in its entirety.

Alchemical Properties

  • Inside the ‘heart’ of the mechanical hydra, a pouch is inside. This pouch has different properties based on the type inside of each head’s ‘heart’ as this is what allows it to spew forth almost hellish materials.
    • The acidic type head will have a small pool of boiling hot acid wrapped inside the metal heart, the heart is corrosion resistant and can be used to keep the acid inside without harm. This acid has the same mechanics as the hydra’s breath attack.
    • The hot type head has a small pool of orange liquid inside that is used as a type of liquid blackpowder. This liquid is highly flammable and even sticky like honey.
    • The cold type head will have a solid grouping of ice in its center that sticks to anything that touches it aside from the metal material of its heart. This ice will grow and attach to anything it can, acting almost like a frozen parasite as it seeks to engulf anything it can in pure ice.
    • The poisonous type head has a small squishy substance similar to a sponge inside that is pitch black in coloration. Once this sponge is squeezed it will release the same toxin that the hydra produces.

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