The Mountgle

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The Mountgle is a gigantic Romgle, the entire size of a mountain. It has snowy peaks on its back and moves frequently yet slowly. Oftentimes people will settle atop of the Mountgle, completely unaware of its sentient form. It has no real ears, nor nose, and its eyes appear on the base of its being, usually closed and covered with a thick layer of stone and earth. Unlike its smaller counterparts, the Mountgle has six limbs that are well spread out instead of four, simply due to its massive size. The maw of the Mountgle is large, capable of sucking in entire cities simultaneously, its teeth large and jagged. In order to suck things in, the mouth seems to rotate and spins at rapid speeds, tearing things up inside. The Mountgle speaks with high pitched squeaks, and tends to nuzzle the earth in order to communicate. While the Mountgle can breathe through its mouth, it can also breathe out through the top of its mountainous form, allowing it to wade across oceans if it wishes. Rumor has it that the Mountgle was created by Domm himself due to its rather large frame and seemingly pet-like mannerisms.


Unique. The Mountgle is one of a kind.


Adelona, the Mountgle calls the eastern continent its home.


It eats the rock underneath it as it moves, though can consume truly anything. The Mountgle prefers to eat organic matter such as trees or different plants, but finds itself disgusted at the taste of flesh, causing it to rarely try to eat trees due to the heavy animal life presence.


Passive, the Mountgle acts like their smaller Romgle counterparts, and is passive until provoked.


  • Curiously enough, the Mountgle seems to be tamed? By who is unknown.
  • Capable of inhaling a large amount of things with its mouth at high velocities.
  • This will rapidly destroy things that it inhales.
  • Moves slowly and steadily, its limbs large enough to crush a great amount of things at one time.
  • Each step of the Mountgle causes an earthquake of a varying size.
  • Like its smaller cousin, the Mountgle is able to spit things out as a smaller version than it was previously.

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