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While Aethius is the main world in which the story of Aethier takes place, there exists an entire multiverse of realms outside what we are familiar with. This infinite expanse, while normally hidden from the eyes of mortals, can be seen in how foreign powers insert themselves into Aethius.

The supreme rulers of the Multiverse, the Gods and their servants are absolute beings with powers beyond mortal understanding. Each with their own circles of influence, they control all that has to do with their domain. Some have been known to walk among mortals on occasion.

Beings borne of Farcanith, they command incredible power and plague the multiverse with their actions, bringing destruction wherever they roam.

Ancient creatures with apocalyptic abilities, their last war caused the continent of Aversia to split. Staying mostly dormant for the last 2000 Tsels, these great beings spawned the Draxgar and Danakov.

They who dwell in The Fey Wilds, rulers of their respective seasons, the Archfey are children of Arvora whose speech commands the world around them.

The Vaya Lords are manifestations of the concepts that they represent. Existing within their own planes, they seldom interact with the mortal world.

The Aurum The Soul
The shell surrounding a soul that allows a being to manipulate forces such as Aura, Mana, and Shakti. Coming in several forms, it is what gives a being sentience, consciousness, and life.

The Forces

In the beginning, the two forces of Creation and Absence are what form the basic fundamentals of thought. These two forces remain naturally opposed in an everlasting and unmoving struggle. However, the aspects of Creation are stronger than that of Absence. The very idea of Absence cannot exist without something being created to be destroyed. And so this struggle continues in an eternal cycle, each energy filling out a certain portion of all realms.
Aura: Creation
Aura is the energy of the Gods and of creation itself. Aura in this regard is pure, and though at times it can be used for profane means, corruption does not equate to a lack of creation. Aura, unlike many of the other energies, manifests within the hearts and minds of mortals, gods, and demons. These powers are shared between these three entities in an ebb and flow. Rarely, Aura manifests itself into solid materials such as Meteoric Iron, something from the celestials themselves, but more often than not, it is the most intangible of the energies. This pure belief and willpower is said to be the very essence of hope.
Divinity: Power of the Faithful Demonbrand: Power of the Wicked
Mana: Change
Mana is formed of the blood of Creation. Though Mana is not creation itself, mana is often attributed to the change of creation and its ideas. Mana is not from the realm of Aversia itself, but is from beyond The Veil, a realm between realms which binds all existences to one another. Mana as a power is thus foreign to mortals and to the realm at large. Most things consume or can channel mana through them in order to obtain a greater purpose. The most powerful creatures to hold the ability of Mana would be that of the Archfey, who were taught this ability by the Goddess of Magic herself and use it to control the change of the very seasons on the plane of the Fey Wilds, or anywhere they decide to visit.
Magecraft: Masters of Mana Runesmithing: Writers of Magic Feyspeak: The Power of Words
Shakti: Balance
Shakti is the essence of most objects within the realms. Each thing is made of Shakti. Because of this, shamans often manipulate this Shakti in order to change their interactions within the realms. Shakti as a force is constant and always is in balance. It is said that if a fire is extinguished in one place, another is lit elsewhere. The Vaya Lords are the embodiment of this energy. Their position is highly stable and unable to be further changed nor revoked. Elder Dragons too manipulate and embody the balance in the form of destruction, able to wipe the world anew when it has become so disparate of its origins. Shakti remains as the great stabilizer of the realms. Another common misconception is that Shakti comes from the elemental planes. This is not the case as, unlike mana, Shakti is the only native energy on the plane, and its presence on Aversia and other like-worlds is what gives these foreign planes such as Tletuego their energies.
Shamanism: The Bonded Dragonmark: Servants of the Ancient
Exia: Absence
Exia is the force of Absence, or The Void. It is difficult to categorize Exia as it is technically not a power or energy, but the total lack thereof. Exia because of this remains more conceptual than tangible. Exia cannot exist without Aura, and vice versa. Exia however seeks to trample Mana, Shakti, and Aura and become one with nothing. Exia both can and cannot exist at the same time, for the very notion of Exia is non-existence. Those corrupted by the Void cannot truly harness the powers of Exia, for they are still of creations origin, yet they can be gifted the ability to manipulate it if they are turned against their kin.
The Fallen: Conduits of the Void

Traits & Curses

There are many paths one might take to change themselves and experience new things. For those who forego the route of mundane strength, there are other, stranger options.

Traits refer to abilities/transformations that are not necessarily beneficial or detrimental to those affected by them. They create interesting roleplay opportunities for those who wish to experience it.
Lucience: The Reflective Aedynian: The Noble Arvora's Ascended
Curses are bestowed upon those who have displeased the gods. Though they are sometimes sought out, curses are a dark way to power.
Gorgonism Jacobin's Bane Lycanthropy
Revenants Vallahism Vikarus: Zealot's Cage


There are countless realms untraversed by those residing in Aethius, and every once and a while the denizens of this world can peek into strange and forbidden places. Items can sometimes slip through to our world, and at times traversal between the realms is possible.

Blithney, Land of Steam Farcanith, Land of the Demonic Krytis, The Crystal Collective
Synchronus, Realm of Technology The Fey Wilds The Void
The Veil

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