The Void

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The Void is often a general reference to that which resides within the realm of absence, but is in truth the correct name for that which lies beyond the veil between worlds. A seemingly infinite boundary that is ever expanding, the void is a massive area in which no light exudes nor escapes, and is often considered to be a place where nothing can possibly exist. This could not be further from the truth. Within the realm of the Void lies countless destroyed, corrupted and twisted planets that either natively began as such, or were torn beyond recognition from centuries of war. Races, once benevolent and peaceful now walk, corrupted and part of the endless and infinite engine of war that marches ever onwards.

The Darkness Within

Lingering deep within the worlds beyond the corrupted landscapes and destroyed cities lies countless pieces of history, ranging from the upbringing of failed races of the gods to possible weaknesses the void may suffer from that will never again be found. From the planet where the Wrathguard once stood watch at the edge of voidspace to the the original home of the symbiotic corrupters before their name, history and original species was corrupted beyond reason. While it is possible to venture out to the shattered and destroyed lands of the void, it is both extremely mentally taxing by nature and extraordinarily dangerous, especially with the primordial entity which watches over all of it behind the scenes.


The nebulous and primordial aspect of what can be considered "nothing", Absence is an entity as old as everything, and just as dangerous. By all known accounts, the sheer power this entity possesses surpasses even the divine, whom are known to be capable of feats nobody could hope to understand at their full power. A rival to the original being only known as "Creation" before it sacrificed itself to form the All-Father and the rest of the pantheon, Absence seeks nothing more then to do battle with its old opponent, and desires to consume and destroy everything to force the multiverse back to zero and reset everything. Though many ponder what desire drives this hopelessly old being into doing such, it is assumed that it is a directive built into its very formation, and one that words and actions alone cannot overcome forever. This event, often referred to by surviving works and historians as "the cycle" is an infinite loop that the pantheon uses to hopelessly hold Absence back from annihilating everything once and for all.

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