The World of Aethius

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Aethius is the world in which the story of Aethier currently takes place. A lush planet with a colorful and expansive history, it is constantly changing and being added to.

Geography Races
From Flora to Fauna to Metals to Stone, the Geography of Aethius is incredibly involved. Playable Races and Event Races alike are fleshed out with unique abilities and traits.
Languages Diseases
With as many diverse cultures and regions that exist within Aethier it is no surprise there is no shortage of languages that have developed over time. The infectious diseases that a character may come in contact with while adventuring around Aethius, each deadly in their own way.
Astronomy Legends
Those who look up at the stars will be rewarded with views of the constellations and the Solar System. Be they myth or tall tale, stories that have been passed on through writing or word of mouth find their way into this collection.
History Holidays
Though much of Aethius' history has been lost to time, what knowledge persists is recorded here. The holidays of Aethius are not just dates to mark, they often hold a power of their own.

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