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Unbridled Evolution

Brand: Anywhere within the branded’s mouth, though most typically below the tongue.
Motto: "Hunt and consume; there is nothing more fulfilling."
Color: Orange
Common Worshipers: Hunters, Cannibals, Beggars, Beastmen, Lycanthropes
Domains: Hunger, Evolution, Instinct, Survival
Sub-Domains: Hunting, Toxin
Favored Objects: Hunter Tools, Bone Trophies, Hides and Pelts

Ukoru is a withered, starved-looking creature with a humanoid appearance. However, their head is adorned with that of an oversized canine creature’s skull and their flesh has turned rigid and dull, only colored by the blood they paint themselves with during hunts. Since becoming a Greater Demon, they have foregone a normal human body, instead having many features similar to something like that of a man-eating creature they make themselves to appear like, such as elongated claws, a hunched posture, and fur covering much of their hide. Through this evolution and a constant need to always be the alpha hunter, Ukoru has adapted their body to all kinds of toxins and venoms, leaving their flesh riddled in pores which seep all manners of blight and poisons. All being said, very few, if any, have ever seen Ukoru and lived to tell whether or not they truly hold any humanity any longer, or if they have succumbed to an utterly primal and animalistic form in pursuit of the Hunt.


  • Enjoy that which you slay, for it is yours alone to indulge in.
  • Never be satisfied; there will always be a greater hunt.
  • Your body is yours. Do with it what you will to stay predator, not prey.

Layer of Farcanith

The Hunting Grounds appear, at first, to be like any regular terrain, these ranging from mountains to valleys to rivers and more. However, as soon as one enters the Grounds, they find the entrance disappeared as they are pitched right into the middle of a hunt, a hunt in which they are the prey. All life within the Grounds is afflicted by blight and sickness, though this does not stop anything, animals or plants, from striking out at each other with venoms and toxins. Amidst it all, there exists the alpha predator, Ukoru, roaming in an endless hunt for any who are foolish enough to be caught on the grounds of the unholy Hunter.


The branded may consume anything they want should it fit within their mouth with use of a near-bottomless stomach and indestructible teeth. Additionally, the branded’s teeth and nails/claws may produce venom that, when injected by a mild wound, will reduce the target’s resistances by a single tier. The tiers are: Immune -> Resistant -> Neutral -> Vulnerable. Only stacks once and it lasts until 1 OOC hour after the combat scenario has finished.


Ukoru sees all other Greater Demons as prized hunts to be had, though such lofty and seemingly unachievable kills just fuels their need to be the most dangerous predator.

Myths and Speculations

Ukoru has been a growing topic in stories to keep children from disobeying, quite on par with boogeymen and the like. This is mostly due to speculation that Ukoru has been spotted in the wilds all over Aversia, usually just a blur in the night.

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