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Believed to be mutated wild horses, the unicorn is a creature that has stepped right out of mythos. They are somewhat large, standing at about 140-145 cm (55-57 in), and weighing in at around 272-294 kg (600-650 lbs). The horn that adorns each unicorn's head is around 30-35 cm (11-13 in) in length and curves slightly as it grows so that the point is facing between the animal's ears. Their average lifespan is about 25-30 years.

In every way, the unicorns are horses, but there are a few features that distinguishes them from their fellow equines. Their hooves are cloven like a goat's, and they have long tails, ending in a tuft of fur, much like a lion rather than the average horse. And then there is, of course, the horn that grows from their forehead.

In general, the unicorn is a mostly black animal, its mane and tail fur a pale cream color, and their legs and nose are also often the same cream color. It is not uncommon for them to be solid black, or varying shades of grey and brown, but the most common color is a sort of silver black. There are white animals as well, but they are exceedingly rare.

The horn is the most interesting part of the unicorn. It usually an off-white color, but when night falls, or the animal casts, the horn glows a bright cyan color. They use this horn to help them see in the dark a little better, mark their territory, and to cast. They can only cast one specific spell, which allows them to distil contaminated fresh water, drawing out toxins and cleaning it up to make it safe for the unicorn to drink. This will often attract other animals as well, and when the unicorn drinks, it's common to see many other animals joining them, taking advantage of the clean water.

The toxins from the distilled water are then stored in the horn for up to a day, and can be released when the horn is either rubbed against a tree trunk, or thrust into a living being. This helps to mark territory, and potentially sicken or kill potential predators. After the twenty-four hours, the toxins are shed along with the top layer of their horn, and it will no longer cause extra harm.


Unicorns are considered rare but can generally be located in heavily forested regions, especially in hilly regions where they can make nests.


They are nomadic by nature, travelling in pairs or in groups of three if there's young. When foals are born, however, they will travel to the edges of the forests to give birth so that the mothers can see potential danger, and allow the foal to find its footing on level ground. They will generally sleep under trees or under rock outcroppings to avoid being picked off by flying predators while they rest.


They are herbivores, so their diet is made up of various grasses and plants. They have hardy teeth and stomachs, so they can eat most plants and get nutrients from them, even the sparse grasses found high in the mountains.


How they react to the presence of people differs on whether the animal is a full adult, and whether it is a male or a female. Mares, juveniles, and foals will generally flee, but stallions are likely to charge and potentially attack if their feints and threat displays aren't heeded. Because of this flightiness in youngsters and mares, and aggression in stallions, they are not tameable animals.


  • Can cast a single spell with their horn, allowing them to clean contaminated water
  • Horn is toxic for 24 hours after Distill is used
  • Males are highly aggressive; females are skittish
  • Not able to be domesticated

Material Properties

  • Their pelts, horns, bones, and meat can all be used for various things, such as clothes, decorations, and food.
  • Their horns can be attuned to be an instrument that casts at the same level as a wand.

Alchemical Properties

  • If the horn is removed before the twenty-four hour shed, the toxins can be gathered from the top layer of the horn, and it is possible to gather small amounts of powdered mana, if the toxin happened to be liquid mana.

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