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The Valois Scuro is known to be one of the smaller breeds of cat that dots the realm of Aversia. This cat typically weighs between about 6 and 11lbs. The Valois Scuro is not known to be a working or fighting cat. Used mostly for their companionship. They do still possess normal feline behaviors.

The sleek, pure black coat of the cat proves that it is a purebred and thus is highly valued. Though there can be pure Scuros with a white patch on their chin or chest, this is not a very common occurrence. The white does not show up covering full locations like a paw or the tip of the tail unless other cat breeds have been introduced to the lineage, some argue that any white patches at all are evidence of a non-purebred cat. The breed is well recognized due to its sleek build, and all black coloring.

Like the rest of their body, the nose of the Valois Scuro is also black in color. Just like their coat, if another color happens upon their small nose, most will believe the cat to not be pure bred. The ears of the cat do not make a sharp point on their head, rather making a tapered or rounded point at the tips of the ears.

As a kitten the Scuro is not as regal as their adult counterpart. Some equating them to the term ‘fluff ball’, though most do so lovingly for the cuteness of it all. The irises of the Valois Scure are mostly a distinct gold-brown color, sometimes appearing with a green tint. Some think their eyes to be a bit eerie when they peer through the dark of houses or brush within towns.

Most know them to be a friendly and curious cat, though they were originally bred for looks, a calm personality fortunately accompanied this. Unfortunately there is a superstition that surrounds the pure black cat. Some associate them with bad luck, or even with creatures of the night. The thought that any who own the pure black cat must be associated with Ombra’s creatures, some would say blessed, or even worse nefarious dealings of the realm such as Necromancers and other dark dealings.

Due to their being smaller in nature, they are a nimble cat, often slipping in to crooks and crevices one would not think they could get in. This can be a bit problematic for the cat, as they often find them selves stuck in the places they decide to wander in to such as between furniture, or the unfortunate in to a chimney. Despite this, they are known to have long and comfortable life spans. Ranging from 12-18 years of life, legend has it some Scuros have even made it to 22 years.


The Valois Scuro is a breed of cat that is common to be found in the Midlands, ranging down to the northern reaches of the desert Mesas. They are known to be seen around Valois settlements, hence the name. Despite the commonality, it is mostly found within the houses of the well off.


The pure black coat of these cats makes them a sign of wealth and status in Valois communities, where a cat of pure heritage can go for tens of thousands of arunes. Due to their being a sign of wealth and status, they are most often found in the keeps and manors of Valois nobles. Nobles and others of wealth highly prizing the sleek and distinct cat breed of cat.

A breed that was mostly made for companion ship and their looks. They do not seem to have any other uses out side companion ship and typical feline behavior. Occasionally dragging a mouse to their owner, or hopping around furniture. Despite that, they are known to be a highly friendly and reliable breed.


This cat is very adaptable to different environments and living conditions of their owners. They enjoy finding the warmest spots in the house to lay in and tend to be lazy during the morning hours. The breed is known to be extremely smart. Taking to training by their owner's easily, such as staying off counters or not running out the door. This is a breed who thrives on interaction with people as they were bred to be a companion animal.

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