Void Poisoning

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Void poison is given to living beings by the void itself or the voids servants, the voidlings. This poison is a corrupting taint that spreads through the body extremely quickly. This poison is extremely visible and upon being inflicted with the poison, the skin around the area will scar. Veins turn black around this center point and slowly drift to the rest of the body while the poison takes its full effect. It’s a very blissful death, and reminds those affiliated with it of the void as whispers of it seep into their minds over the duration of the poison’s effects. This poison is intended to coerce those afflicted with it to the void’s side, for should they not either willingly join the Fallen or get cured by an alchemist, they will die.


Void Poison cannot be healed with divinity or magic, and requires cleansing through alchemical means of powerful antivenom.


Void Poison spreads through the touch of the void and its voidlings. The poison itself cannot spread person to person, however can be inflicted by those who have been corrupted by the void’s influence.


  • First Sept (1 OOC day): The afflicted skin blackens and rots, the wound itself and the surrounding area stings stinks horribly.
  • Second Sept (2 OOC days): The wound begins to visibly rot, nearby skin and veins begin to crack and dry, becoming a dark black tint.
  • Third Sept (3 OOC days): The poison is now visibly coursing throughout all veins in the body, the afflicted limb is no longer usable.
  • Fourth Sept (4 OOC days): The afflicted begins to be soothed by the poison, they seem to be in a blissful state. All veins in their body pulse a black ichor, and the day seems to go by in a euphoric daze.
  • Fifth Sept (5 OOC days): The heart will stop and the body will undergo a blissful death.
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