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Waypoints are a magical form of transport around the realm of Aethius, a fast; almost instantaneous method of travel. It uses a form of apparition through pads and leylines that are formed with combining magical energy, along with either lunar or solar energy. It travels a person through a network of small veins that branch off of the leylines that surround and flow through Aethius. There are certain points where magical interference is tampered with less from natural sources, and those are the points where one can do this. These spots are known simply as strong points, where magic is easy flowing without barely any hindrances.


A waypoint functions rather simply. A magic ritual is performed on a compatible waypoint, using the energy provided by the pad itself. All one has to do is simply be on the pad, close their eyes, and concentrate. They clear their mind, and leave nothing but the destination they wish to travel to, and then speak out the destination out loud. Their voice will reverberate for a moment, and then in a flash; the person and their immediate belongings disappear into the pad, and away throughout the world. In a few moments, their body and soul, and everything they had on them, will fly through the network of these waypoints and strong points at insanely fast speeds in this odd particle form, before appearing at the closest available pad to their spoken location. In yet another instant, they will them immediately reform above the pad. Soul, body, belongings, and all. These waypoints provide their own effects and limits, and will only send an eligible user. A user may only attempt to use a waypoint every thirty OOC minutes. The cooldown will start upon use, even if the use is a failure. Users who have recently teleported have remnant magical traces on them, and will last for thirty OOC minutes. Using a waypoint or pad requires three post to complete. Being moved, or attacked, will disrupt the three posts and disable the teleport.

There are a few different types of pads, each with their own purposes and uses. There are sending pads, receiving pads, and dual pads, all three are self explanatory. Sending pads only send, receiving pads only receive, and dual pads are capable of both. Sending pads are capable of disabling if there are no possible receiving pads to said location, or if there is no mana available. One can only teleport to a pad that has an active IC beacon. If this beacon is disabled, so is the pad with it. These pads, as mentioned before, will bring all clothing and worn items. This doesn’t include anything in tow, as they must be directly on the person. This means that horses or mounts will not come with, and the waypoint simply won’t activate if there is a mount present. As part of the extreme magical changes and interference, magical, combat, and divine trait abilities (except for those based strictly on survival, if it required,) will shut down and be unable to use for a short duration after teleportation, this duration being a single OOC hour. Attempting to cast non-survival required actions before this will simply dissipate any attempts, from remnant magical energy.

It is also a general rule of thumb among most mages or users that one cannot not teleport with multiple people, as accidents may occur in the instant they reform. It should also be noted that characters cannot teleport while injured. It may resume if these wounds are healed. These wounds are based anywhere from deep cuts to dismemberment. It will also be noted that characters who are pregnant do not count as a single person, and do not qualify for safe teleportation. After a successful and safe teleport, the character will also feel weakened for 10 OOC minutes, assuming that normal roleplay is taking place after this. The player may explain how their strength and abilities return to them as this duration ends at their own discretion and choice, whether its slow or immediate. If you are intercepted by other characters after teleporting after an in-character teleportation with hostile intent, you are considered in-combat. This means that instead of a ten minute penalty, this will only apply for five emotes. Finally, users who can escape this cooldown period may start the ritual to teleport again, assuming they manage to complete it undisturbed and are eligible. As mentioned earlier; any form of attack or disruption, even a push, will disrupt the process and reset the original 30 OOC minute cooldown for using it.

It is impossible to use a waypoint while:

  • Dimension Anchored.
  • Partaking in a war/war roster, until the war ends.
  • With a weapon of any sort equipped.
  • Whilst casting as a mage or a divine, or one with a trait or curse.
  • During use in Events: The DM’s word is law, simple as that. Follow along with what they say.

The DM may also provide special circumstances to allow entire groups to travel safely at once, or to override the safety limits of the pad for event purposes.


It is possible with special approved spells to override the safety limitations of a pad, to allow multiple people to travel, injured people to travel, or for those pregnant to travel. This is incredibly dangerous, and is strongly encouraged to only do in emergencies, as it could end disastrously or very well lethal. What could happen is as follows.

An injured person teleporting has a chance of making their injuries far worse if they survive, though this is entirely subject to a roll and is up to DM discretion. If there are two or more people teleporting at once, it may cause the souls of the two people to exchange on return; meaning they reform in the wrong bodies. Alternatively, it is entirely possible that two or more people teleporting at once can cause not only the souls to switch, but particles and cells in the bodies, meaning they can form within each other, or fuse in a horrific and disgusting manner. This results usually in immediate death. Teleporting whilst pregnant has a fifty-fifty shot of killing the unborn child, and it has a mere ten percent chance to also kill the mother. Some users may also fail to rematerialize, resulting in them to be trapped as particles in the network. This will then require a mage to breach a receiving pad in order to let them escape. A user may find that they instantly die upon teleportation, as the body may teleport, but the soul might not. Or the soul will teleport, but the body might not. In rare chances, a mage might find themselves unable to cast temporarily due to disruptions or straight disability. This can be short or long term, and often requires a mage to assist them. There is also a chance that due to the overriding nature, that the pad is damaged or shuts off entirely, requiring repairs. Overriding a pad requires a DM present.

OOC Limitations

A character must undergo at least six hours minimum of a waiting period before teleporting after sustaining an injury. The only way out of this is healed through unnatural means to a satisfactory level (healed entirely).

If one teleports to a location with no lit beacon (IC), you must instead redirect yourself to the nearest pad with a lit beacon. Often, unlit pads should be disabled from the list.

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