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The white stag is a mysterious animal that is considered an elusive creature to many. Far from small, this animal stands at around 147-157 cm (58-62 in), and weigh in at around 408-498 kg (900-1,100 lbs). They generally live to be around 10-15 years of age.

As the name suggests, they are pure white, deer-like beasts that seemed to appear from the powerful force of leylines themselves. It is unknown what they originally were, as they appear to be a strange cross between a large stag, and a horse, but their behavior seems to lean more towards deer than a horse. They stand tall, with strong legs and heavy bodies, thick necks, and narrow, deer-like heads. Their tails start somewhat long, and start as a regular deer tail, before long threads of hair make up the rest of it.

Their horns are their most striking feature, however. They have two antlers that grow just in front of their ears, and the horns almost appear to split into two, entirely separate prongs that then twist together as they grow. Despite this, their horns are quite strong, and they will use them to fight one another during the rut, or mark their territory in the bark of trees.

These creatures seem to be quite docile at first glances, a mere beautiful magical creature that struts through the forest as its king. Though this imagery becomes quite different the closer you get. These creatures emanate an aura that causes other animals to avoid them, as if the beast is some terrifying monster. The closer you get, the stronger the aura becomes, leaving chills across the entirety of one’s form.

The once believed idea that the magnificent stags only survived due to their large size becomes near inert as these creatures are far worse when someone gets face to face with one. Despite their elegance, their teeth are sharp, shaped to points, their antlers protruding with the smallest of razor sharp spikes that rake through flesh with ease.

These beasts are omnivores, though much prefer the flesh of other animals. They only eat plants, fruits, and what other normal deer and horses seem to feed from during the winter time when prey is scarce. When prey is plentiful, their favorite snack seems to be meat. Their mouths also stretch back and open wider when they are devouring prey, expanding to allow for easier consumption.

When threatened by something far more dangerous than them while being cornered, their antlers glow and their entire body grow incorporeal temporarily, allowing for them to escape. This tires them quickly and leaves them fatigued. It is rarely used as they prefer retaliating.


White Stags are specifically found within the various forests across the continent, mainly harboring in thick canopied forests. Though just how many of this species there are is unclear. They seem to be few and far between, and are considered to be rare.


They are solitary animals--both males and females--and each animal controls a piece of territory a few square miles wide. They don't generally have a specific spot that they rest in, preferring to move about their territory and mark trees that border other stag's territories.


They eat the various grasses and plants that grow in the forests, as well as berries and fruit, and leaves that they are able to reach from the tree during the winter and colder seasons. During the warmer seasons when prey is plentiful, they can be seen eating rodents, small game, and anything they can effectively pin and kill.


They are elusive animals, and only run when feeling threatened against something they don’t believe is edible or something they can fight. They are untamable due to their wild and dangerous nature.


  • Presence causes the feeling of being deeply unsettled
  • Not able to be domesticated
  • Extremely hard to find and see
  • Can become temporarily incorporeal to escape threats
  • Omnivores

Material Properties

  • The fur of a white stag is inherently magical, and is capable of two different passive effects. Creatures who inherently use Nightvision are unable to properly see the shape or being that is using this cloak as an article of clothing, as the brightness of the pristine white fur and the magic flowing within it creates a bright burst of constant light, making it extremely difficult to attack anyone wearing it. Mages who use spells such as Arcane Eye or Soul Sight cannot see through the cloak, as the inherently magical fur prevents them from seeing what is on the other side.
  • The antlers of a White Stag are also an inherently magical material. Anyone can channel the inherent energies within the horn, and allow themselves to cast the spell Etherium listed below. This breaks after one use.

Spell Name: Etherium

  • Mana: 3
  • Discipline: Souls
  • Concentration: Low
  • Cast Time: 2 Turns
  • Spell Duration: 8 Turns
  • Range: Self
  • Spell Effect: The caster converts themselves into incorporeality, mundane objects and weapons cannot touch them. In this form, the caster can phase through material with ease.

Alchemical Properties

  • The blood of a White Stag may be used to create Liquid Mana, at great inefficiency. From a single White Stag, 1,500mL of Liquid Mana is able to be fashioned.

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