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Wuxine Firetails are one of the oldest and purest breeds in Aversia, having existed both in the wild and in captivity for hundreds of years. They are a hot blood breed, meaning they are small, fast, and high-spirited, and often require a more experienced hand to train and handle them. They are on the smaller size, only being around 15.1 HH on average (60.4 in, 153.4 cm), and weigh in around 430.9 kilos (950 lbs). Due to this small size and lighter weight, these horses will often appear rather skinny, even at their ideal or healthy weight.

The most common coat colors are bay, chestnut, black, and roan of all three, as well as grey over all four of the common colors. There is no piebalding found within the breed, and any leg markings should not come above the knee, or the hock. Facial markings are common, but are never more than a thick blaze down the middle of the animal's face. The only time that this may vary is if the animal in question is a crossbreed.

One defining feature that is found in every individual, regardless of coat color, and that is the strange marking known as a Firetail, which is where they got their name. The Firetail looks like the natural sun-bleaching of a horse's tail, but in reality, it's something they are born with. The Firetail is a red-brown or tawny color at the end of their tail that gradients into the rest of their tail, giving their tails the image of being on fire. Even the grey gene doesn't dilute this marking, making grey Firetails a much more striking appearance.

Firetails, when cantering or galloping, will lift their tails in the air, giving their tails a flag-like appearance, and is one of the more defining features of the breed. The tails are also lifted when the horse is excited, or agitated, which is often useful for handlers, as it can give them an extra warning sign if the animal is about to lash out, or otherwise react violently.

These horses are hot bloods, meaning they are high-spirited, and more sensitive than other breeds. They require a more skilled hand to be handled and ridden as a result, and it is common for them to become a one person horse- where they will bond with one specific person, and either ignore, or become aggressive towards other people. This trait is sometimes bred for, and other times, is avoided.


They are found most often in the desert. There are a few feral herds, but the majority of them are domestic animals found in settlements. They are sometimes brought more northward for nobles who want them, but these are much less common, and the chances of them being pure bred is low. The feral range is both in the desert, and within the savannah, with most of them being found in the grassy savannah's. They are considered common.


Wild herds are usually found in the patches of oasis across the desert, and in the savannah. Domestic herds are kept in stables, or pastured, and a horse's stall becomes something of a den to them. A wild horse herd, however, is often moving, and even with young foals, rarely stay in the same place for long.


Like other horses, Firetails are herbivores, and survive solely on plant matter. Wild horses eat grass and other plants they find growing in the savannah and desert oasis, while domestic animals are usually fed hay, grains, and pasture grass.


Firetails are high-spirited animals, and it does take a lot of work to be able to handle them, but domestic-bred animals do very well in captivity. It is also possible to train a wild-caught horse, whether a foal or an adult, but it takes much more work, and sometimes isn't possible, depending on the animal.

Aversia's sentient races use the Firetail as a general riding horse; they are too small to pull carriages, nor do they have the strength for it, but what they lack in strength they gain in stamina. They are not the fastest horse, but they can move at a lope for up to two to three hours. They are most often used for scouting, couriers, and for long-distance travel.

It is also common for horse breeders to cross the Firetail with other breeds to improve the bloodline, and attempt to add desirable traits to the other breed. It is rare for the Firetail marking and the flag tail to be found in crossbred horses.


  • Low strength but high stamina and average speed
  • High-spirited; require a skilled hand to work with
  • Used to improve other breeds
  • Do not do well in cold climate
  • Thrive in warm climates

Material Properties

  • Their meat, fur, and bones are all usable for food and clothing. It is uncommon for them to be used for food.
  • The fur from their tail can be used in string instruments, but horses do not need to be killed for this.

Alchemical Properties

  • Undiscovered, unlikely none

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