Wuxine Pariah Dog

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The Wuxine Pariah Dog is a medium sized breed, standing at around 1.6 - 2 feet at its shoulder, and weighing in at about 44 - 66 lbs. They look much smaller than they actually are, as they are very thin in their frame, and it's very hard for them to become overweight. They are surprisingly long lived as well, often living anywhere from 15 - 18 years.

Pariah dogs are an ancient breed, harkening back to the first domesticated dogs in Aversia, and as a result, it is the desert, not domestication, that has shaped the breed. While they still display traits of domestication, such as piebalding, curled tails, and occasionally floppy ears, they are largely feral, living on the outskirts of settlements in small packs, or pairs. The name is often applied to just about any stray that is found in the desert, but the Wuxine pariah dog does have a few features that are found across the breed.

The most common coat colors are various shades of brown, ranging from dark to reddish-brown. Black and white also appears, though this is less common, and white is especially rare. White markings on the legs, tail, and face are common, as well as on the chest and stomach to act as countershading. Piebalding is relatively uncommon in most dogs, and it appears more in dogs that have been born in captivity, rather than in feral populations.

Their most unique feature is not a truly physical one, or at least, not one that is visible. They are able to survive with much less water and food than most animals, despite their thin frame, usually able to go up to a month and a half without eating due to their metabolism slowing significantly when they've gone a few days without food. Similarly, they can go up to a week and a half without drinking, as their bodies are able to store excess water in fat that covers their spine. After that amount of time has passed, however--for food or water--the animal will begin to waste away and die like any other animal. This adaptation allows them to survive long treks across the desert, or during times of famine or drought.


They are found throughout the desert, but they are most commonly found around settlements. They live quite contently around people, often raiding garbage, or waiting to be fed by people who pity the feral animals. They are not found elsewhere, however, as their adaptations make it hard for them survive outside of the heat of the desert. Small groups roam around the desert, usually wandering from settlement to settlement, and gathered around the various watering holes that exist.


Pariah dogs make surprisingly good pets, as they are a sociable breed, and enjoy the company of their owners. Even adults dogs can be taken in as pets, though they will still often try to wander if they are not trained, or given enough exercise. Their main use is to act as guard dogs, as they are wary of strangers and wild animals alike. They are also quite talkative, and it doesn't take much to make them bark, but it makes them useful as an early alarm system.

They are also considered to be good pest control, as they hunt and kill small animals that might steal from food stocks, though this is more of a benefit of them being around, rather than a trained skill. They can, however, be trained to hunt small animals, such as rabbits, rats, or birds.


Wuxine Pariah Dogs are very friendly, though when feral, they can be somewhat wary. They rarely bite, however, and are very tolerant of people around them. As pets, they are very affectionate, and eager to earn their master's attention, though they can be tricky to train to the fact that a repeating task is boring to them. They are wary of strangers, and will bark at them, but they rarely approach, usually just standing and barking to alert their owners of the approach.

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