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Wyverns are a small species within the dragon-like class of beings. They carry an overall mammal-like appearance, adorned with two large plated horns atop their head, pawed hind feet, and a long mane that connects from their head to the ends of their tails. They propel their bodies through the air with a pair of tough wings that measure a wingspan of one meter and a minute amount of mana. The fur of a Wyvern is generally blue, purple, white, or a mixture of the three. A single Wyvern is approximately three to four meters long, with a width of one meter. A Wyvern's face resembles that of a dragon's, angular and sharp, with a piercing gaze.

When a Wyvern is touched, it would be discovered that they secrete an odd powdery residue that clings to the hand of the bearer. See alchemical properties for more information.


The origins of the Wyverns are shrouded in lost languages and worn parchments. All that is known is their magical inclination, thus leading most of the populace to believe they are an extension of Vikret. Due to this, they are considered rare.


Wyverns tend to be found near magically inclined areas. Places such as leylines, Veil tears, and near the homes of powerful mages. For what reason they remain in these places is all but unknown to very few. Many theorize them to be the secret 'guard dogs' of mages. Even though a Wyvern dwells most prominently within these arcane-bound regions, their occurrence deep within the ruins of lost civilizations is also quite prominent.


A Wyvern is never seen to consume either water or any form of nutrients. Seemingly, they require no food to survive.


Despite their rumored role as mages’ ‘guard dogs’, Wyverns are extremely aggressive towards mages and beings that manipulate mana; mages, runesmiths, feyspeakers. etc, this includes each other; because of this, it is abnormal to find more than one Wyvern lingering in an area with others. However, when it comes to beings that cannot manipulate mana, they are mostly passive unless they are threatened or intimidated.


  • Capable of casting unique spells, those of which are listed below. However, Wyverns don't take spell strain for casting them. Mana is still listed within the spells in case of counterspells.
  • Fly at a speed of 6 meters per turn.
  • Susceptible to magic counters and physical attacks.
  • Unable to be domesticated by mundane means.
Spell Name: Spellshock
Mana: 0
Disciplines: Mana
Classification: Abjuration
Concentration: Low
Cast Time: One Turn
Spell Duration: Instant
Range: Twenty Meter Radius
Spell Effect: The Wyvern surges mana around themselves, targeting any mage in the vicinity. This creates a sharp pain that isn’t enough to immobilize them- but interrupts the channeling of 
any spells.
Spell Name: Mana Shield
Mana: 4
Disciplines: Mana
Classification: Abjuration
Concentration: Low
Cast Time: Two turns
 Spell Duration: Fifteen turns
Range: Self; Ten meters
Spell Effect: The Wyvern casts a magical aura around themselves or an object/target within range, shielding them against 4 physical and/or magical attacks before dispersing.
Spell Name: Mana Breath
Mana: 5
Disciplines: Mana
Classification: Evocation
Concentration: Low
Cast Time: Three turns
Spell Duration: Instant
Range: Fifteen meter line
Spell Effect: The Wyvern exhales condensed mana that takes the form of lightning in a 15-Meter line that is 5 meters wide. Unarmored creatures are knocked off their feet from the force of 
impact, as well as drop their weapons if made of metal. Regardless of armor, all creatures hit suffer 2nd-degree burns and are Stunned for 1 turn.

Material Properties

  • The eyes of the Wyvern may be petrified and used similarly to how Arcamite Stones are used.

Alchemical Properties

  • When a Wyvern is killed, its entire body disperses into a fine cyan powder, commonly referred to as Wyvern Dust. This powder can be dissolved in water to create a concoction of liquid mana. Its properties are just as potent as pure liquid mana and can be used for such that the former would. Most Wyverns drop enough Wyvern Dust to make 1 liter (1.000 mL) of liquid mana.

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