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Waxen and silvery hair coats the beasts' grey, tarnished skin; leaving his facial features and mammalian paws without a single hair. Standing at a colossal stature, the creature had not been seen to be higher than eight or nine feet. However their wide bodily mass was of an endomorphic build, the bodily fur making those unsure if it was fat or muscle that made them so large. The rare and elusive creatures are commonly associated with apes, taking a little liking to Humanity in physique and anatomy. Usually atop of their sunken in eyes: which are always a crystal white, are large brows which leave them with a permanent frown. These eyes may change during the cycles of days, as when night comes the white eyes quickly become ineffective when taking in light. Due to this the Ya'Kal have developed a secondary lens, leaving their iris and whites fully black. Four canines nestle themselves inside of the Ya'Kaldrum's square jaw alongside other slightly sharper teeth, however the canines are noticeably so. Depending on the creature's recent feed will vary their decay and whiteness of the teeth, though normally they are yellow due to the unhealthy dietary habits. Overall the canines are twelve inches in length, eight of these twelve visible from the saliva drenched mouth. Due to the Hinterland's freezingly cold temperatures, the Ya'Kal have developed a mane-esque mass of hair around the scalp, chin, and jawline of the facial area. This section of hair is thicker than the rest spreading across the body. Another feature of the Giants is that they have tough skin, leaving them with twice the thickness of a common Orc.

Padded feet helps them maneuver easily through the thick snow, spreading a large surface area across to avoid sinking. However moving the large weight causes slight tremors being released into the snow, and if near to a cliff-side the Ya'Kal have been rumored to cause the very snow to fall and tumble down at a treacherous speed.


  • If near to a cliff face, the Ya'Kal can cause minor avalanches to pour down the hills.
  • The strength of the Ya'kaldrum is rivaled by few in the northern hinterlands, the tops of mountains may be obliterated by their hand to scatter torso sized stones upon those below.
  • Ice is near weightless to the Ya'kal, allowing them to raise and throw whole glaciers with ease.
  • The breath is strangely warm, foul in stench. Those within 3m before the Ya'kaldrum who may smell its breath will have their concentration broken.
  • The frigid fingers of the of the Ya'Kal may shape ice and snow freely, and without resistance.
  • The icy gaze of the Ya'Kal will send chills into those they look upon, stripping them of any warmth.

Material Properties

  • The thick hide makes for perfect winter clothing.
  • Teeth of a Ya'Kal are normally kept as trophies, the canines being treasured.
  • The hands of the Ya'kal may be harvested and used in an invention which will allow the user to shape ice and snow with ease.

Alchemical Properties

  • The blood of Ya'Kaldrum can be spread across one's skin to assist in fighting off cold temperatures and the early stages of frostbite. If the blood is not preserved properly it's effects will weaken or cease to work at all. The most effective way of preserving it is to keep it chilled. Normal cold water will not suffice for this process, as the blood needs a colder climate, like that of the mountain peaks it came from.
  • The saliva of the Ya'Kal may be harvested and used in a foul alchemical that will break concentration.
  • The eyes of the Ya'Kal may be harvested and used in alchemicals and inventions involving frost and freezing.

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